Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yay!!! It's hump day!!

Only 2 more days of work!! Thank God! We had severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings on Monday and we lost power at work at about 11:15. I went home at about 1:30 and the office next door to us called at 3 and the power was still off. I am still trying to catch up!! Diet is going well. Went to the store on the way home and bought stuff for the new plan that starts on Friday. This will be interesting, low cal and low carb. I found out that my gym has Zumba classes and I am going on Sat to check it out. My friend, Tammy started going to some at local churches and she loves it!! But she is much lighter and more fit than I am and her energy level is incredible! Later, gators!!


  1. I still want to try Zumba. I did ask my gym to offer it just an hour later then at 5 pm because I can't be the only one that works later. Maybe one day. You'll have to tell us all about it.
    Take care and have a blessed night sleep.

  2. Yes, as Julie said: let us know how it goes. People have been talking about it very positively and I have no clue what it's about. Good luck!

  3. I can't do Zumba (bad knees). Or I suppose I could do it if I modified a lot for my bad joints.

    I used to do my own version of Zumba in the 70's and 80's at home to my own salsa/disco/dance music. It's just a mishmosh of dance styles that have a Latin flair. You can do it at home. :)

    But energy levels are high in a group, which can make you push yourself out of fun.

    If you try it, post pics and give a review.

  4. I'll give a review but no pics!!! I don't anyone to go blind!! lol I plan to go tomorrow am at 9.