Friday, April 22, 2011


I did the kettlebell workout with Jillian this morning and made it through about 10 min. Smacked myself in the knee with a 5lb kettlebell switching hands. The getting down and up from the floor was hard. My knees aren't in great shape but with the weight loss they are getting better. I will keep doing this because it does feel good. It's not jarring and the swinging of the kettlebell is kinda soothing in a way. Weird, I know.

Got the food list from Allan this morning and will go shopping this weekend for supplies. This will be an interesting 2 weeks, I thought it was for 1 but I guess we need to do it for 2 to get accurate results. I really hope I can stick with this, it should really boost my weight loss.

My daughter is having a uummm... party at her house tonight and I have been invited. I am, by no means a prude, but there is just something strange about going to one of these with your daughter. I will be leaving Christina (16) at home. I told Christian that I would only come if I could bring Isabella home tonight so that I wouldn't have to make that 45 min drive to her house tomorrow to pick her up. She reluctantly agreed. She has to be at work in the early afternoon so it works out for her as well. So I get Izzy for 2 nights, yay!!

Coffee time!


  1. Wow, I had signed up for some kettlebell classes, but then realized I needed to wait longer post surgery and I cant do the knee thing. I too have a very bad knee. I try to avoid stairs, because of the pain it causes. It does look fun and was looking forward to it. Good luck on the new program. I wish you many pounds lost.

  2. I got the kettleball pack but havn't tried it yet. Think I'll wait to see how it goes with you...I have a bad knee also so i may not be able to do some of it but it always looks so interesting

  3. Mike got me my Zumba for my birthday tomorrow. I am so excited to try it. Good luck with Allan's next phase. He has told me I'm not in the need to just keep on the plan we have now but I will be here to cheer you on. Good luck msmommie.
    Take care and God Bless!!!