Saturday, April 2, 2011


and waiting for my girls to show up!! Christian's husband has drills this weekend, he is in the National Guard, and she has the day off, so I get both of them for the day!! Yippee!!! We will go somewhere for lunch and then shopping. I am being smart this weekend and I am checking nutrition info at a few places that Christian mentioned that she wanted to go. Red Lobster is my top choice, the Rock Lobster, Crab and Shrimp are listed at 310 calories. I know that I will need to have them not use butter and stuff when they cook it. And no Cheddar Bay biscuits, they are 150 calories each!! I can't afford it yet, but I want to get a Wii. I have heard the the dance games are really fun and good exercise. Tammy went to a Zumba class the other day and loved it. I need to try one to see if I would like it or if I could keep up. The girls are here, gotta go!!


  1. I want to check out those dance games too! You're a brave woman to resist those biscuits! Just look at them like lumps of FAT! That's what they are! :-)

  2. I've been looking for a Zumba for my wii but right now can't afford the $30.00 but if you go to Best Buy they have it with the best to hold the remotes. Really cool. My birthday is coming, just maybe???
    Will you please get a picture of your daughter up, I'd love to see what her hair looks like. I really need to do something with mine, it' so tired of it but have a husband who isn't about to let me cut it and it's one of those pick your battles and this is one I'm not ready to fight.
    I would love Red Lobster, it's 90 miles from her so not some place we go, ever. You are rocking along so well, you keep it up and it won't be that long and you'll be at your goal.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

  3. Great job on the lost weight! You're doing it! Where on earth do you find out the calorie counts of restaurant foods? Are they on the websites of the places? Do all chains have to do it, or only some? I read somewhere that they were going to have to do it at some point.

    That's amazing that you can get an entree at Red Lobster for 310! Lobster tastes so good, you don't even need butter with it. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to all shellfish, and love it a LOT. Oh, well.

    Those cheddar biscuits are dangerous--that's a lot of calories in one small package. I could probably eat six of them, too. Yum!

    It's so good to meet you. I "know" you from Allen's blog. Thanks for posting on mine. I'll add you to my blog roll.

  4. FF-OMG!! I love the cheddar bay biscuits!! And yes, I go the the restaurant websites and look at them first. Most of them are now online and will have their nutritional info. But Allan says to tell them not to add any extra ingredients because it throws off the accuracy of the info. Like butter on steaks and things like that.

    Wendy's website is pretty can customize your my favorite, the ceasar side salad, without croutons and with pomegranette dressing. 120 calories, if I am eating just a salad, I get 2 but only use one dressing pack, this makes it 180. The coutons are 80 calories!!!