Monday, April 25, 2011


Today was not too bad. It was really very busy at work today and that helped distract me from food. There is a lot less food in P6 and a lot of liquid!! I missed my high blood pressure medicine this weekend and it is a diuretic that helps with the swelling in my ankles. Over the last 2 yrs, when I was first diagnosed with high blood pressure, I have lost weight and the medicine has been decreased as I have lost. I am down to just the diuretic part of it and after missing 3 days, I remembered this morning, took it and have peed all day long!!!

We had some severe thunderstorms today and some tornado warnings for about an hour this afternoon. It got pretty ugly for a little while. We seem to be having a lot more rain than we ususally do.

Today is Allan's one year anniversary since he started his weight loss and in that time he has lost 192 lbs!!! That is amazing! He has been so dedicated, focused and single minded about losing weight and getting healthy that it just blows my mind. That's an average of 3.69 lbs per week, 16 per month. Those are some pretty consistant and awesome numbers!

Off to read some other blogs!!

Night y'all!

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  1. There is a whole lot less food isn't there? lol. I feel sloshy. :)

    Ooo glad you liked the picture!!

    Here's to day two!