Saturday, April 30, 2011

As they say...

timing is everything. I was going to Vikki's house (cake lady from the other day) to cut her hair at 11am and worried about when I would have lunch. Christian and Isabella came over and then we were going to Vikki's. Vikki called to say that it would work better for her if we came at 1pm instead. Yay! We stayed home and fed Isabella and Christian had some tomato bisque and I had ch...oops! I almost spilled the beans!! No beans on this diet!!

We got finished at Vikki's, she gave Isabella some toys that her grandchildren had gotten too old for, we then went to a Ford dealer to get the code for the keyless entry for Christian's Taurus that they bought last month. We got home in time for me and Izzy to have a snack, Christian left for work and then I put Isabella down for her nap. Laundry time!!

Now I am good til supper!! Yay, no eating out, no cheating and still on track!!

Oh and the sinus rinse is helping with my headaches!!


  1. Excellent day. Keep it up, you're doing it. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  2. Your meal was every bit as good as the tomato bisque! ;-)

    I breezed through sitting at KFC today and fajitas with friends.

    Glad the headaches are getting better. I'm prone to them and was afraid they might flair up this week with the diet but no problems at all.