Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's Sunday...

We came home on Friday, took our time driving and having fun with Isabella. Just sat around on Saturday doing nothing and feeling sorry for myself. Today we had church and I dropped Isabella off at her MiMi's house this afternoon. I will miss her, but we get her back on Saturday. Still somewhat depressed, it is worse now that I am home and not busy but I think it will be better once I am at work. I have 81 emails and I have already deleted a few. Not a good week...for me emotionally or eatery(I know I didn't use that word correctly). No weight loss this week.


  1. Hey, snap out of it and do what I am doing after a depressing week: Start Over. I'm bound and determined to have an awesome week, then month, then summer. You can do it!

    Did you see that you won my giveaway? Maybe you didn't get the email yet. Email me you're address. crabbymomofthree at comcast dot net.

  2. Did you look at the profile picture that you took in the car ? Stare at it. That is a healthier version of you, on the road to better health. Try and remember the good times, and keep in mind that if you knew that you get close to 100 years old, you would take it in a second. Be well...

  3. Thanks, Allan, I needed that!! I was not too bad while I was out of town because I was busy, but once I got home, I didn't keep busy and just sat and didn't do anything. Today, being at work is better. I have things to do and people to talk to and that helps.