Wednesday, April 27, 2011

P6, day 3

About to have lunch. Doing well so far, no cheating at all, not even a bite of someone else's food. Like Tammy's zucchini lasagna that I brought her last night, even though it was tempting because I knew how good it was. Thank God she now has all of the left overs from Sunday.

We are having more rain and tornado warnings today. Nasty weather, lots of rain. Tomorrow it's supposed to be gone and clear skies again. YAY!!!

Wonder what I will have for lunch today?? Oh yeah, same thing I had yesterday and the day before! Good, but boring.


  1. It snowed here. And it is still snowing 5 hours later. Now just light fluffy stuff and it's sorta melting as it lands. But some has stayed too.
    Keep up the great work. Take care my friend and God Bless!!

  2. Glad you're doing well! I just made enchilada sauce and didn't even taste it to see if it needed anything. I'm trusting that it's good! It sure smells good!

    Boring but quick and doesn't take too many brain cells to make it.

  3. Glad you're making it....I hope that at some point we learn what you did and I love Kellys Guinea Pig Badge.