Friday, April 29, 2011

P6, day 5, part 2

Another gorgeous day in Memphis!! Diet is going well, no cheats at all.

Made tomato bisque for the hubby at the request of my oldest daughter. She and Isabella are coming over for lunch tomorrow, actually I bribed her with the bisque to bring Izzy over so that I wouldn't have to go get her.

Here is Isabella with the Easter Bunny like I promised. Her dress looks coral but it is a very vibrant pink, the store camera changed the color a little.

Found out today what the changes to P6 are, not much, 2 things removed and 2 things added. I think the reason the changes were made was because one of the items had a lot of sodium and was a concern for some of us. The substitution for this item has more calories so we lost something I really like for something with fewer calories. So, it was mainly a trade off. More calcium for less sodium. That's my theory, anyway.

It should be as successful as this has been, the calorie level is roughly the same.

Night y'all!!

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  1. No cheats here, I'm actually getting used to the evening snack. You're doing great, keep it up!!