Tuesday, May 31, 2011


has made me crazy for the last 2 weeks. I have been unable to post any comments on anyone's blog, including my own!!! Allan told me to install Google Chrome and type blogger in, I have done that and hopefully this will fix the problem. I will test it in a few minutes.

Went to a friend's house and cut her hair AND my finger! Man, that hurt!! I haven't cut myself like that in a long time.

I will probably read a few blogs and then go to bed, even though it's Tuesday, it's been a Monday!!

Have a good night everyone!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Today was a hot and beautiful day...

I thank God everyday for the sacrifice that our armed forces make. Sometimes they leave their families for months at a time and go to a foreign land to defend our rights here in America. Sometimes they give up their lives and sometimes their limbs, sometimes their mental stability, all for our freedom. Thank you, men and women of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and National Guard, may God richly bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you and give you peace.

I spent a butt load of money this weekend. I had to buy 9 bags of soil and plants for our garden. I bought a raised garden bed at Sam's and some weed control fabric, good for 30 years, whoo-hoo!!! I this last week and then the soil and plants this week. Bed - $60, soil/plants - $90, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and yellow and red bell peppers in a couple of months - delish!!!

I think we will get a couple of strawberries, too. There is some room left in the bed and I still have the deluxe topsy turvy I bought last year. I think I will put herbs in it, not sure yet, any suggestions? Email me your ideas since blogger is being stubborn with the comments missmommie1227@yahoo.com.

I thought about doing carrots instead of strawberries but they don't grown back once you pull them. Or even jalapenos, but I couldn't find any.

Cooked out for the family today. Hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, chicken, onions, baked beans, deviled eggs, corn. Tilapia for me and grilled onions. Oh, and watermelon! I love watermelon!! I could eat this until I puke!!

Tomorrow starts a new week at work, boy I wish every weekend was a 3 day weekend!!!

Gotta go, going to watch Inception.

Friday, May 27, 2011


For some reason, when I try to comment on someone's blog, I keep showing up as anonymous. Typically, I would write the comment and select google account and hit post, and it would take me back and I would have to hit post 3 or 4 times before I would get the verification word, then it would post my comment. Well, now it takes me to a google/blog sign in screen and I keep having to sign in and it puts me as anonymous. And then I get into a loop of hitting post, signing in, hitting post, signing in....and never end up posting!!!

Any ideas on what is going on??? Also, I have tried to sign out on my blog and it keeps taking me back to the dashboard without signing me out.

This is making me crazy!!! I am not very computer tech savy but I try!!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornados! Again!

Call me a crazy cajun, but I just finished grilling veggies, chicken and hamburgers (for hubby and son) in between the rain and while the tornado sirens are going off!!! Now the sky is yellow looking and that is not a good sign!

Been hanging in there, spent the weekend sick with a fever and diarrhea. Then Christina woke up Monday morning with her eye lid so swollen she couldn't open her eye. She called me in a panic and I took her to the dr and waited forever so they could squeeze us in.

Just tired all the time. Can't seem to get motivated for anything.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

It is NOT the end of the world!!!

I don't know where this got started and I really don't care, but the bible says that "no man know the hour of His coming". Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father waiting for God to send him, Jesus doesn't even know when he will be sent. So relax people, we don't have plenty of time!!! I do believe we are in the end of the "last days", but since Jesus told his disciples that he was coming back soon and that was more than 2000 yrs ago...it could be next week or it could be in another 2000 yrs. The bible also says that he will come "like a theif in the night" meaning when no one is expecting him.

I believe we should be ready and prepare ourselves for his coming. Get ourselves ready but also help as many others as you can get ready, too. Be the brides that were ready for the bridegroom and have enough oil for your lamp and don't be left behind.

Night y'all!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I meant to post these pics from this past Sunday sooner. This first one is before church, at about 8am. Isabella had been up since about 5:45, she had breakfast and then wanted her bottle. Chris likes to sleep on the couch on Sat night if he has to be at work on Sunday morning. Christina had put Isabella on his side while he was sleeping and woke him up with her. He was talking to her and playing with her and then while she was drinking her bottle, they both drifted off to sleep.

She fell asleep drinking her bottle and then her arm fell over and the bottle rolled over.

This is me and Isabella during praise and worship, this is very unusal because she doesn't cuddle much unless she is sleepy and doesn't feel good, so this was a treat. She really loves the music, she will bounce and clap her hands and rock back and forth (dance)!!

She is such a blessing in my life!!


Wow!! Did I enjoy dinner tonight!! I added some Zatarain's to my dinner tonight and it made all the difference in the world!! I love that stuff! It's like chocolate, cheese or bacon...it makes everything taste better! Don't be fooled by other creole seasonings, there is just a special zip to it that others don't have, I don't know what it is...it's like comparing Coke and Pepsi...Coke has a sharp, burn your nose kind of taste, whereas, Pepsi is smooth. Zatarain's is Coke, everything else is Pepsi. But be careful, the more you use the hotter it gets!!

Starting to feel better. The antibiotics are kicking in. Typically, they give me diarrhea but I had the opposite reaction this time and I think that has a lot to do with how I was feeling. I'm over the constipation now and it has swung to the other extreme. Lots of bathroom time!

Y'all have a good night!


Things at work have been very crazy busy at work and my boss has been out a lot so it all falls to me to deal with.

Haven't felt well but the antibiotics I started on Friday are helping and I am starting to feel better.

Diets going well. Getting close to being under the 300 lb mark and that will be awesome!!

More later...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Here is the new do....

We'll do the color next week. That stuff is freakin' expensive!!! We have to prelighten (bleach) it first and then apply 2 colors of blue and the black. I am out of prelightener, so that and the 3 colors will be about $28. Thankfully, I already have the developer that I need.

I'll post pics of it when we are done next week.

Have a great weekend!

long week...

I don't know why, but this week has been really hard on me. I am constantly hungry, my ear hurts, work is a pain...

I want to go hide somewhere and not have to deal with anything.

A friend sent me job referal to see if I knew of anyone for the position. It is temporary with a chance to go permenant, making almost double what I make now. It's through an agency and I ask some questions about it. It sounds like it is in the commercial ins industry which I am vaguely familiar with. I may try for it if it sounds like it will go permanent. Scary, I know.

I am cutting Christina's hair tonight. She wants an Emo haircut. I hope it turns out well.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

P6, day3...again

I WANT FOOD!!!! For some reason, I have had the hungry horrors today. I have not endulged them, but dang, it's been hard!! Today is the 11th and that is around the time that Aunt Flo comes to visit, she has not arrived yet, but even when she's late or doesn't come at all, I still have all the "joys" of her visit.

Other than that, things are going good. Snack was delish last night and I get a smaller portion of it again tonight. I can't wait for Monday though!! We are adding REAL food.

I am pretty tired today and my head hurts. I haven't had a chance to pick up my antibiotic for my ear yet. I have an inner ear infection and still some sinus congestion. I hate this!! I love the warm days and cooler nights, but it sure messes with my sinuses!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dr visit...

went to see my dr this morning and had my annual blood work done. She approved the P6 plan and was very impressed with my weight loss so far. On my last visit, I weighed 366.6 and this morning on their scale after lots of water and fully dressed (they have this thing about stripping down in the hallway to weigh...go figure!!) and was 308.4. I missed a couple of day of my blood pressure medicine (water pill part only) so I have retained some water, that will come off in the next day or two since I now have some extra pills at work for when I forget.

Doing well, can't wait for the snack tonight, though!! It is something that I haven't had in a while. It is new on the P6 since it was not included in the experiment part of the plan. Yummy, yummy!!!

Cryin' fat people night. We will be down to 4 finalists and it looks like it will be a good episode from the commercials.


If you pray, please pray for south Louisiana. They are planning to open the Morganza Spillway on Thursday and it will flood the small town that my sister has a house in, Stephensville and also Morgan City (where I am from). My sister rents out her house to someone and lives in Lafayette where they rent a house because there are just no jobs in that area and they have been unable to sell their house. My mom is moving back to her house there in the next couple of weeks and my nieces live there with their families.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Where's the nearest bar???

That's the question I asked my boss about 30 min ago and I am still on the phone!!! The phone has rung non-stop today with bs stuff that people want, and flood quotes!!!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!

Had a very nice Mother's Day today. My husband got me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet and Christian got me the pink pearl breast cancer awareness bracelet from Helzberg's Jewelers. It's a Dorothy Hamill design. Christina made me breakfast in bed, on plan, so it was the easiest she has ever done. She always makes me breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. Nothing from Christopher, yet, except a text message while I was at church. I don't expect anything from him because he just had to replace the starter in his car and they wiped him out. A hug and a "I love you, mom" will do me.

This is what the men's ministry at our church did for the mothers.
They gave every mother a single rose.

There was milk, oj, 3 kinds of cookies, iced brownies and waffles.

This is what I had, coffee with creamer and equal. 2 cups!!!

They had 2 prizes to give away. One for the mother with the most grandchildren, winner had 9!! She got a blooming plant and a gift card to Red Lobster.

The next give away was for the mother with the most teenagers!! Bonnie and I tied at 2 each. She went up first and then me. She didn't know which she wanted the orchid or the gift card to Olive Gardner. I walked up and said, "I'm on a diet, why don't you take the card and I'll take the flowers?" She was fine with that. I walked off kind of proud of myself for not getting the gift card. Here is my orchid plant.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

P6, day 13

Well, P6 officially starts on Monday. Allan wants us to consult our dr's about it and I totally understand that. I will be faxing the plan to her office on Monday and see what she says. I am not concerned about it because I have been doing the OPG for 2 weeks and that pretty much matches week 1 that starts Monday. If this was not safe then gastric bypass patients wouldn't be one this for the month before they had surgery. I have done really well on this. I miss food but it's not as bad as it was the first couple of days.

My husband commented last night that he didn't know how I was able to do this, he only sees what I eat at night, so he doesn't see the yummy lunch!! I thought for a minute and then looked over at him and said that I have come to realize that I have the rest of my life to eat but that I needed to do this for now so that I will be able to ENJOY living the rest of my life instead of just living it. I think he finally got it.

Christian and Isabella are out Mother's Day shopping and will be here when they are done. I so love having the two of them come over on Saturday's!! We always have such a good time.

Later, gator!

Friday, May 6, 2011

P6, day 12

Sent my weight in to Allan this morning. I have lost 4.1 lbs since Sunday!!! Whoo-hoo! I have now lost 61.4 lbs since 1/9/11! That means I am 22 lbs away from having lost 100lbs from my highest weight!! I am so excited!!!

I have NEVER lost this much weight on my own before. The most I have ever lost at one time was when Christina was about 2, I lost 20lbs on Atkins then 40 more on phen/fen, 60 total. No pills, no surgery, just me eating less and moving more with a lot of help from friends!!!

Thank you all so very much for the inspiration and motivation and encouragement!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

100th Post!!!

YAY! my 100th post!! I feel like I have reached a real milestone today!! P6 is going well, a little behind on my water this morning, though. Gotta catch up before lunch, so I'ma chuggin'!

I had the weirdest dream last night! As with most of my dreams, this one is very disjointed. I dreamed that Karen (Sunshine's Heart) and I were at Allan's house (not sure if we were in NY or if his house was suddenly in Memphis) and another man was there, I don't know who this was. Sue was out at the gym and man and Allan were playing cards. I was there talking to Karen about P6 and waiting for my kids to call me and telling that their flight had landed and that I could come pick them up. We were joking with Allan about doing Jello shots because it is Cinco de Mayo and they SHOULD BE on the plan!! Allan put some stuffed chicken breasts in the oven and was having me keep an eye on them while he played cards. I, was then whining about having to cook stuff that I couln't eat!! Suddenly, I was making some kind of peanut sauce and Allan was standing there watching, I looked up and he said that it wasn't done yet because it wasn't "crackly" yet. I said that I couldn't wait to taste it and he just stood there looking at me and raised his eyebrow and I said "oh yeah, it's not on the plan" lol That's how it ended. Strange, huh?

Well, gotta run, need to start drinking!! Water, that is!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

P6, day 10

One of the reasons I wanted to do P6 (mainly liquid) was because I am too obsessed with food. I wanted something that would be repetitious and boring. Well, I got exactly what I asked for. I wanted to distance myself from food and be more in control of what, how much and WHY I eat. That is starting to happen. Allan has said that he is changing Phase 5 into Phase 6 starting on Monday. We will have one more week of what we are doing now and then adding in more foods. I almost wish we were doing what we are doing now for longer. I definitely like week 1 better than week 2 on this. Not sure if Allan is changing anything for next week or if we are repeating this week.

It's amazing how good I feel. I would have thought that I would be dizzy or fuzzy headed and I'm not. My step is lighter and I have more energy. I know it's not from sugar. I'm guessing it's because my digestive system has cleaned itself out and there is not a bunch of junk being stored there.

Oh!! I have a NSV!!! While, at Tammy's last night, we decided to measure each other and realized that it was almost exactly 3 months since the first time we had done it. I have lost 19 inches from my body since 2/4/11!! We took more photos, too. If I was brave enough, I would post those to compare then and now. Not gonna happen! At least not yet anyway!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

P6, day 9

My stomach is gurgling like crazy today! I'm hungry finally, I've not been having much hunger until now. I think maybe all of the junk that has been stored in my digestive system is finally gone.

I've had a couple of comments about some of the food I am eating. I get 3 of a certain item per day and it's not normally anything you would see eaten in an office setting, it's so funny. I feel so decadent sometimes.

Looks like there will be more changes coming for P6. Can't wait to find out!!

Cryin' fat people night at Tammy's!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

P6, day 8

Today has been and still is extremely busy, I just needed a break from insurance for a few minutes. With all of the storms we've been having, we have had tons of claims and now one of our companies is having a moritorium for a few days, so we can't write anything in that company, of course, it is home owner's ins.

Diet is going well, still no cheats. I do miss my hot lunch, though. It is chilly and rainy here and I am wearing a sweater right now. I think I will have a cup of hot tea instead of coffee. Hot chocolate would be nice, good thing I don't have any!!!

I have a feeling we will be doing this or something very close to this for more than 2 weeks. I like what we are doing because the weight loss has sped up and I feel really good. I have a hernia and it has been hurting lately, but with the P6 cleaning out my system, it has gotten a LOT better.

I am reading a book that I'm liking very much. It is called Never Say Diet by Chantel Hobbs. She talks about changing your mindset before changing your body. I am pretty sure that is what I have done. Typically, I would have quit by now but I haven't. I really thought about this and made a conscious decision to not give up before I even started with Phase 4. She also talks about 5 decisions that you need to make and that once you do this will keep you from quitting because of those decisions. I haven't gotten to those yet, I wonder how many I have made on my own? She has gone from 349 lbs to 150 and is now a spin class instructor and a marathon runner. She decided to be the last that she could be. This has helped her tremendously. In 2004, she was on Oprah about her weight loss, she was 4 months pregnant at the time and no one noticed, but she had only lost 1/2 (100) of her goal then (200 lbs). She started her journey 10 yrs ago, on 4/29/01 and has not gained any of the weight back, even through her last pregnancy. I started reading this book on 4/29/11, weird, huh?

Well, there's my phone, back to work!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

P6, day 7

We went to Sam's Club after church and picked up a few things. Nothing for me except a diet coke from the deli. Boy was that hard!! Turning down the sample ladies!! Bought Christina a hotdog from the deli that she ate on the way home. Wow, it smelled good!!!

Nothing much going on today. I think I'll go take a nap.

Lost 3.9 lbs. this week. I want some real food!