Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh yeah!!

I have lost an inch and a half off of my waist since the start of phase 5!!

Weigh in 3...

Lost 4 lbs this week, yay!! Need to step it up some though with the exercise, I am too far down the list for my comfort!!! I want that trip!!! I can't do some of the strength exercises so I need to get to the gym more than once a week!!

I got some really good advice from Deb, Princess and Julie about my son's friend. The talk I had with him went well. I think it opened his eyes to the fact that he was taking advantage of us and he said that it was not his intention. I have had a clean kitchen every day!! He has said that he would also cut the lawn when that starts needing to be done. That will be a big help. He did take the initiative to clean the bathroom that he, my son and daughter use and he did a very good job.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My husband and I both work full time, I work 5 days a week, he works 6 days. I don't ask a lot of my children. They know what chores are theirs to take care of. I absolutely hate hate hate! coming home to a sink full of dishes.

A friend of my son's has moved in with us. So, it is me, my husband, son and younger daughter (she spends most of the week at her sister's babysitting and home schooling) plus this young man. He is 21, my son is 19. J does not have a car, my son does. My son said that he would take J to work and J would give him gas money and pay us $50 rent every 2 weeks. I have come to love this kid. He calls me mom and my husband dad. His job has slowed down quite a bit since he moved in. He now works once or twice a week and has not paid any rent since mid Oct. I understand his situation and sympathize with him. He borrows my van and my husband's truck and puts gas in both when he has money. But when I know that he has been home all day and the dishwasher has clean dishes in it and then the sink is full of dirty dishes and crumbs on the counter, stove is dirty...THIS PISSES ME OFF!!!! I ran the dishwasher on Monday night, came home on Tues, cooked dinner and left. Cooked breakfast for hubby, cleaned MY mess and come home and the dishes are still not done!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

My first reaction was to say "F" it and go out to eat. I could just about justify Applebee's "under 550" calorie menu, but I know in my heart that it wouldn't stop there. Why is that my first reaction? It doesn't hurt anyone but me!! It's not pay back! Tammy and I talk all the time about how we have to lose weight for ourselves and not for someone else. I made myself fat and only I can make myself lose the weight. Nobody can do this for me, just me. So, I am saying "F" it, but I am having my planned meal, I did the dishes but there will be a "come to Jesus" meeting when J gets home.

Rollin' on...

I have been extremely busy this week. I went to the gym on Monday night and I am in sore in places I forgot I had!!! My armpits are sore!! I surprised myself with how well I did with the strength training. I started all of it at 30 pounds and was able to do 2 sets of 10 on everything I tried. On the butt machine, I did 90 pounds and it felt great! I found an ab machine I could use, it is like doing crunches sitting up.

Something funny and embarrassing happened that I am glad no one saw, at least I think no one saw! I was trying the hip and thigh machines, you know the ones you sit in and there are pads either on the outside of your knees or the inside of your knees. Well I was in the adductor one (pads on the inside) and spread my knees and then brought them together! Oh, sweet Jesus!! I forgot about my stomach being in the way and pinched the crap out of myself!!! I jumped and thought I was gonna fly off that thing!! That hurt!! It's funny now, but wow..., I struggle!

Food is going well, eating on plan with no cheats, just skipping the bread. I still have a hard time getting all my water in. I get distracted and forget to drink. I have this huge red cup on my desk and I forget it's there!! I may set a timer as a reminder and just drink like 8 oz every thirty minutes. I need 186 oz per day. I rarely drink anything else these days. An occasional diet coke or mt dew but not much. I used to drink at least a full 2 liter everyday, now they hang around and get flat.

Time for water!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weigh in 2...

Today's weigh in was a little disappointing. I was hoping to lose a little more, but hopefully this is one of those times that the scale will catch up with me, like Allan says. It would be nice if I would have another 8lb week this week (twice in phase 4). We'll see. I think that the 2 new days of lower carb will help. I have noticed that my ankles are starting to swell again. I know when I was on the Daniel's fast, no bread, meat or sweets, that my ankles did not swell, so I don't know if it's the meat or the bread. I will find out this week. I will try to avoid days with bread to see if it's that, I'm gonna do that first because I also have less swelling when I do a low carb diet. I never to stick to those for more than a few weeks, then I give in to the carb cravings and give up.

Church was good today, not that it is ever not good, but sometimes the message will speak to me more than on others or the praise and worship will really draw me closer to God. I was on usher duty, which I love! for both services. To welcome guests and watch over the congregation for needs to be met is an awesome responsibility. It is a truly servants position.

Well, I need to get stuff ready for tomorrow, night y'all!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am loving me some day 14 food!!!! Food was really good today! I have never had couscous before, it tastes like grits! I didn't get to the steamed brocolli (actually, I was going to switch it to green beans) because I got full before I could get to it. Allan gave me permission to change out veggies. I make sure that they are similar in calorie count and type. Like, I wouldn't substitute corn for brocolli.

Gave away the puppy chow!! So I didn't need to kill V.

Need to catch up on my readin' Night y'all

Just call me Magellan...

I discovered something else this morning. I am doing day 14 of the plan today and as I was putting my lunch together and eating my breakfast at the same time, I had an epiphany. I finished breakfast then finished preparing and packing my lunch, then I went and sat down at my laptop and turned it on and thought "where is my breakfast?" In my mind, I had not eaten yet, even though my stomach was full, I totally missed breakfast. It had become mindless eating which for me leads to over eating!! It was like being in a movie theater with a BIG bucket of popcorn, with extra butter, of course, and looking down half way through the movie and realizing that the bucket was empty!! Now I know what the phrase "eating with purpose" means. From now, if I am preparing both meals at once, I will wait until I am done to eat my breakfast. Timing is important.

On another note, I think I may kill the lady that works next door. We have become friends over the last 4 1/2 years that I have worked in this building. She is a devout Catholic and being from south LA, I was raised in a Catholic community and all of my family except me and my mom are Catholic, how that happened I am not really sure. I can talk to her about religion whereas, I can't with my co-workers, well not really. Out of the four of us in my office only me and another person goes to church and he is not very regular. Anyway, I can talk to V about our church fast and things like that and I don't get the "you're crazy" looks. Well, she knows that I have been on a diet for over a month now, on Monday she brought me a bag of Sweethearts candy and today a quart size ziplock bag of puppy chow. For you Yankees, this is not dog food. It is Rice Chex cereal coated in chocolate and then rolled in powdered sugar. She also brought some cake.

Her funeral will be on Saturday with the viewing on Friday night at 7, at the St. Luke's Catholic Church. Please attend and send my bond money to my husband so that he can bail me out for the funeral. I loved her and she will be missed.

Have a great day. BTW, I gave the puppy chow to my boss.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I left my blog to go to Allan's to copy and paste his url to add him and everybody is back!!! Ok, Nash is right, I struggle!!!


I don't know what happened, but somehow I have stopped following everyone!!! I am so sorry, it was not intentional!! I don't know how I cleared them all!! I am going to put everyone back in...this is crazy!!

The proper way to weigh yourself...

Can you believe we have been doing this wrong for all these years?!?!
Tammy sent this to me, I love it!!! Watched The Biggest Loser last night, it's pretty cool that the biggest guy on there has been losing small numbers every week, but the women on his team banded together to help him whether he wanted it or not and because of their intervention, he dropped 20 lbs!!!! in 1 week!!! Amazing! See what help can get you??

Monday, February 14, 2011


Today I made a discovery! I discovered that plain oatmeal with only a tsp of brown sugar and no butter, tastes like, wait, wallpaper paste!! A lovely lady suggested that I try butter spray, so I bought some of that, some butter buds and some butter extract!!! Got some more apples, cabbage, romaine, fat free sour cream, eggs for the hubster.

There is this guy who used to work in my office for several years and then he left in Nov. He is coming back part time and today was his first day. I didn't realize how spoiled I was for not being tempted by food at work. He left for a few minutes and went down to the Subway down the street and brought back a sandwick. I could smell it from 6 ft away!!!! My stomach started growling and my mouth started watering...I got up and went and got my snack. It helped.

Hubby was smart enough to not buy me candy, but a card and some flowers. I got him a card and gave him the bag of sweethearts that the lady next door to my office gave me. I'm just glad it wasn't chocolate!!

Later y'all

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Good weigh in today. New weight is 335.6, that is 30.9lbs lost since 1/9. Had fun coloring Christina's hair today. We always do bright red highlights through her hair and now we added black ends around her face, starting at about 3 inches from the bottom and angling down. I haven't taken a picture of it yet but here is one from the bridal shop yesterday. We went to David's Bridal yesterday morning to watch a friend of our try on wedding gowns. Both of my daughter's are going to be bride's maids. Here is my youngst who is semi- sorta following the challenge. She is drinking a butt load of water, cutting out sweets and volume of food and execising a lot more. I am so proud of her, she has lost almost 20 pounds and has gone from a size 20 to an 18.

In this one, she said she was feeling like Tinker Bell!!

This will probably be the dress that she wears in the wedding but in red. It's not a bright red. I saw this girl trying on the dress below and we all just fell in love with and the Christina tried it on and that was it!!!

Well, it is getting late and 6am comes early!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


The party for Tammy's husband was fun, lots of good food and good people!! I didn't eat lots!! Just a little of a few things but was careful to stay under my calorie limit for the day.

Dennis's cake turned out well. Not bakery quality decorating, but not bad. Tammy asked me to make a cake in the shape of the Ohio State "O". I used mini cupcakes.

The O is supposed to be 8 sided but the corners are not as straight as they are supposed to be but not too bad. Everyone seemed to like it and Dennis was impressed. It was pretty cool that I did it with mini cupcakes because after we sing and he blew out the candles, Dennis just reached over and pulled out a couple of them, almost like monkey bread. So everyon, except me, had pull-apart cake.

Weigh in tomorrow, should be interesting to see how everyone did. Allan said that someone new has joined and a couple of people have dropped out. I wonder who and why?

Well, I am off to bed, have a good night!!


It is a beautiful day here in Memphis! The sun is out and we are finally going to have a day above freezing!!!

Me and my girls are going to help a friend of ours, Mia The Model, on FB, go shopping for her wedding dress! This should be fun. I have visions of "Say Yes to the Dress" floating around in my head. I doubt it will be that fancy, though!

My heart, tears and prayers go out to Allan and Sue this morning. They are having to take their precious Elvis to the vet today and they won't be leaving with him. I have had to do this before with one of our cats and I have gone with my friend to be with her for one of her dogs and helped her with another.

Need to go have breakfast and shower. Party is tonight, pimento cheese is made, cake this afternoon. I looked on myfitnesspal and Fresh Market's pimento cheese is 120 cal per TBS!!! I won't be having any of mine. Cheese, mayo, pimento, black pepper and garlic salt, to die for!! I and I don't want to!!

Later gator!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Good day...

It has been a great day today. The sun is shining, the sky is a beautiful shade of blue and I get to see Isabella tomorrow!

Going to Tammy's for a birthday party for her husband tomorrow. It will be great fun. I'll get to see someone from the CBC, Crazy Bitch Club. We are a group of women ranging in age from the mid twenties to the late sixties who get together a couple of time a year and just hang loose. We hold our breathes for the first person to get called bitch and for someone to drop the f-bomb!! Some people get plastered and have their husbands come get them and some of us just hang back and watch the fireworks. It is a very diverse group of women and it is interesting to get to know them. The is a core group of us that get together more often, about 6-8 of us, me, Tammy and Betsy are part of that group. Betsy and her husband will be at the party too. I can't wait for her to see me because she hasn't seen me since I started losing weight and I know she will notice!

Diet is going well. Weight loss has been slow this week because it is that time of the month and the water is being held onto by my hormones. Bad hormones, bad!

The strength execises have been a pain, they make me feel fat, cause I have a hard time with them. It's weird because in my clothes I feel thinner and I feel really good, but when I try to do the execises, reality sets in. Oh, well, it'll get better, I just have to keep at it and not give up.

Never give up, never surrender!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Boss just sent me home!! (cause of the snow, not fired!!)

Snow, AGAIN!!

I live in Memphis, I lived the first 24 yrs of my life in south Louisiana. I am used to heat and humity, not FREAKIN' snow!!! We are having our 5th snow fall of 2011! We typically get a little dusting once or twice a year. But 5 times!!!! Now, I know you Yankees have no sympathy, but my blog, I get to whine any time I want!!! I am now whining!!! LOL Debbi - I already know you don't feel sorry for me, that's ok, I feel sorry for me and that's all that counts! LOL

This second picture is my van after I had gotten back from the bank, about 10 minutes after...

Now there is about 2 inches of snow on my car. It has taken me about 45 minutes to put the pictures in here and avoid my boss seeing what I was doing. Plus as a very techie friend of mine says "I struggle". This picture only took me 5 minutes to upload and it was taken at 2:10 about 2 hrs after the snow started.

Now on to a "lighter" note!! Since I joined the challenge on 1/9, exactly one month ago, I have lost 26 lbs. This next picture is me this morning with a shirt that I bought in TX when we went to see my mom and grandmother to take our 5 generation photo. My grandmother is 101, mom is 80, I am 47, Christian is 21 and Isabella was 4mos old, but I digress. I bought 2 shirts at Wal-Mart while we were there without trying them on. I saved them for when we got back to Memphis, it was still pretty warm in Grand Prairie in early Nov. I put them on and they were too tight across my stomach. For shigiggles, I put one on this morning...this is it.

If I had known about/joined the challenge I could have had lunch with Anne H while in TX.

Back to work...

Monday, February 7, 2011


I had 50 gajillion emails today from all of my fellow challengers!! It is wonderful how we have all banded together to help one another. I know I will learn a lot about eating right and make a lot of new friends. You can never have too many friends.

Did well on the food today, I ate all my veggies!! Water is in, glad I am needing less now! Execise was a little more difficult. The jogging is hard on my knees and everything bounces, and not in a good way!!!

Off to bed!!

I am still not used to getting up at 6:30!!

Night y'all!

Day 1...

This is the first day of Phase 5. Doing well, breakfast was good, lots of water in, no coffee and no diet coke, yet! Didn't get to the gym this morning because I woke up at 6:30 and it was raining, then by 8:30 it had changed to snow!! I'll go this afternoon so that I am not having to walk in the cold and do my execises and some weight resistance while I am there. It's not supposed to stick since Friday and Saturday it was in the 50's. What ever happened to global warming?

Stay warm!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weigh in...

340.5!!! Yay, me!! lol I was worried about all the coffee I drank this week! Slowed me down but that is over! Starting back to the gym today, hadn't been in a few months and I realize that I miss how good I felt when I was going. Do my exercises but it is hard to walk with how cold it has been but the gym has treadmills and a 1/8 miles walking track that is laid out around the execise equipment. I'll go the afternoon and then every morning before work. I figured if I get up at 6, get ready to go, I can fix hubby's breakfast just before he leaves at 6:30 and then go to the gym and be back to shower for work. Sweet!

Need more flat out bread for pizza, I hope that will be allowed in Phase 5!!! Can't wait to get the package and check it out.

Off to get ready for church!

Eat well and smart!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Last night...

I went to Tammy's last night and we made flat bread pizzas and she loved it!!! She is doing Weight Watchers, she used to do it a long time ago so it is familiar to her, but she is converting everything to the new Points Plus program. A little confusing but I know she will do well. It's nice to have someone here that I can talk to and she will tell me to "put the f'ing fork down, now!!!" I love her!!!

We ate our pizza and then took before pics of me and then did our measurements, scary!! No undie pics!! I found an old work out set that I have never worn, so it was form fitting without being indecent. Tank top and pants with lots of spandex!! I wish we had done this a month ago but having lost 22 lbs, I still have a lot to go so they will still be good to look back at and compare.

I realized yesterday that I was forgetting to count the sugar and creamer in my coffee!! I joke that I like a little coffee in my cream and sugar so when I started counting how much I use, my cup of coffee ends up being about 100 cal each!!! aaahhhh!!!! I guess I need to give up coffee for now because all of the artificial sweeteners I have tried taste funny in hot things. I like equal or splenda in my iced tea but can't stand either one in coffee. I make my own frappicino and use splenda in it and it is fine. Hot, not so much.

Got to go get Christina and Isabella now and we are going grocery shopping.

Later gator!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Kind of blah today. Don't get me wrong, nothing bad going on, but nothing exciting either.

Got a great recipe from Allan for a low cal pizza, it was really easy and oh so good!!

1 whole wheat flat out wrap
2tbs pizza sauce
1/4 mozz
half breast rottiserie chicken, chopped (and mix in hot wing sauce)
1 1/2 tbs hot wing sauce (10 cal/tbs)
1/2 roma tomato thinly sliced
several fresh spinach leaves shredded
garlic powder and parsley sprinkled over top

Bake wrap on rack at 350 for 5 min, take out and top with ingredients, raise oven temp to 400 and put "pizza" back in for 5 min or til cheese is melted.

When I put all the ingredients into myfitnesspal it came up to right at 300 for the whole thing!!

It was delish!!!

So with oatmeal for breakfast, a frozen low cal meal for lunch, carrots and guac for snack, pizza for dinner and fudgicles for dessert....grand total of just under 1100 cal for the day!!

I was craving chinese for lunch today, so instead a got Michelina's stir fried rice with vegetables and chicken. 440 cal, I know, high for lunch so I skipped the afternoon snack, so by the time I got home, I was really hungry, but the pizza hit the spot. I learned my lesson, but I didn't want to give into the craving for the chinese...I don't like sushi, which my favorite chinese place does well (or so I'm told) so I know I would have gotten the salt shrimp, fried in tempura and heavily salted; hibachi chicken, might not have been too bad; cheesy crab, fake crab with onion, celery, lots and lots of cheese and some grease at the bottom. Yeah, diarrhea city, even when not on a diet!!! Michelina's was not great but kept the craving at bay.

Me and my friend, Tammy, are going to take "before" pictures tomorrow night. Some in are undies and then some in clothes. Don't worry, the undies pics WILL NOT BE POSTED ON THE 'NET!!! Just for personal mortification and motivation and then pride that the person I am on inside is coming out from behind the layers of protection that I have eaten most of my life.

Another day, another pound...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A new beginning...

Last night I was hurt and very angry. Someone has gone too far with their criticism of Allan and his challenge. I think that because this is all done through blogs and emails that people think that their words have no repercussions, they can be as ugly and hurtful as they want and can hide behind anonymous comments. They would probably never say the things that they type face to face. When you have to look at someone and say the same things, it's harder to do and you tend to think before you speak. For some reason, there doesn't seem to be a filter from your brains to your hands when you type.

Allan decided to close the challenge. Some of us were doing really well, others not so much, but some had recommitted themselves to it, when the stuff hit the fan. I was upset with him and angry at the people how type before they think. I don't think they realize how much we depend on the challenge and Allan's willingness to be straight with us when we mess up. Just the threat of that was helping me, he was my Jillian. I didn't want to get to the point that he was in my face to get me back on track. I have enough people in my life that are just patting me on the back when I lose a pound and then just "poor baby" ing me when I mess up. I need someone to give me a dose of reality every now and then and Allan does that, along with the pats on the back.

I understand him having had enough of the nay-sayers and wanting to close the challenge. I am dissappointed that he did, but I understand not wanting to beat his head against a brick wall with some people. He has helped so many of us and he doesn't ask anything in return other than we stick to the plan or any plan, just do it. He spends his time composing daily emails, figuring out how much water each of the 65 or so of us need each day, he calculates our weight losses and percentages of weight losses, makes up the charts and puts them in his blog. He gives awards to those who deserve them and kicks in the pants to those who deserve that. He is even going to give tangible prizes to the winners of the challenge and all he asks of us is to stick to the plan, eat less and move more.

He has decided to re-open the challenge with Phase 5 on Monday. I am glad that he has. I want to lose more weight and get healthy. I want to see my grand daughter grow up. I want to grow old and crotchety with my husband. I don't want my mom to have to bury another of her children.

So I will be emailing Allan with my committment to the Phase 5 challenge. I hope you will too.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rain, rain go away...

Well, at least it's not snow!! It's supposed to rain all day today. I am so ready for spring!

I have been getting up with my husband for the last couple of weeks and making him breakfast. This is a first in our 23 1/2 yr marriage. He says that he is not a breakfast person, but I know it's because he likes to sleep as long as he can, so he skips it. Ever since we had the heart attack scare (acid reflux) I have been doing this. A lot the time he will skip lunch as well and then come home and eating enough for 2 people, watch tv for a couple of hours and then go to bed. Hence, acid reflux.

We have always worked different schedules and have never had to be at work at the same time. He has a 30 minute drive and has to be there at 7:30, I have a 10 minutes drive and have to be there at 9. So I sleep later than he does and also we are not sharing the bathroom getting ready for work.

I have enjoyed doing this for him. It's just us up in the morning and of course the dogs. I get up and let the dogs out and start on an egg sandwich for him, which he loves. Then I either go lay down for another hour or read my bible, do laundry, make my breakfast and then get ready to go.

His egg sandwich is 2 pieces of toast with a little butter, grape jelly on one side, a slice of am cheese on the other and 2 scrambles eggs in the middle. He doesn't know it yet and I am not going to tell him, but I am going to slowing start replacing his ingredients. First I am going to start with Egg Beaters and mix a little with 1 egg and then weane him to all Egg Beaters. Then probably the butter to Smart Balance, I use Country Crock now. And then the am cheese to a lower fat variety. I'll change him to wheat bread, as well. I figure if I do this in steps he won't notice the changes.

My breakfast was an egg sandwich made this way:

1 slice of Ezekiel bread, no sugar in it, it is a sprouted grain bread and organic
1 organic egg, scrambled and the pan misted with EVOO
1 slice of am cheese
and a little butter and 1/2 tbs grape jelly on the bread

So I had 1 less egg and 1 less piece of bread and less butter, my sandwich was 210 calories.

Lunch soon or now...