Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who put the fun in funeral???

Today is grandmother's funeral. We are all walking on egg shells around my mom. She is a very strong woman and seems to hold onto everything and then it just erupts. I am finding that I am like this, as well. I cry by myself and try not to in front of my children because I feel that I have to be strong for them, but who will be strong for me? My husband was unable to come and I and my children are the only ones from my mom's children to come, except for one nephew who is in town repairing his house that some tenants left a mess. My sister and all of her family and my brothers and their families were unable to come. I am so glad that we could. I can't imagine how hurt my mother would have been if none of her children were here. But I know that she would have given people the excuses that we used and never said a word to us about her being dissappointed.

Here is Christian and Isabella ready to go. Christopher and Christina wouldn't let me take pics of them.

Here I am driving to the service. My friend, Tammy always takes pics of herself driving so I thought I would give it a shot. Not too bad.

These are the beautiful flowers that my sister sent. She couldn't come because she had just taken time off for her daughter who has been in the hospital for the last month trying not to have the twins that she is pregnant for because it is waaaay too early! My brother-in-law's company that he works for has gone bankrupt.

And, oh my word!!! The funeral food!!! Wow! We have enough to feed an army!!! And with this family, that's just about right! I didn't do well resisting this. The pastor said at the funeral that grandmother had, I think, 24 grandchildren and 32 great grandchildren and 10 great, great grandchildren!!! Amazing!!

My grandmother's pastor spoke at the funeral and it's funny because she attended the chuch before he did and then he was there about 30 yrs before retiring and she was still there!! She became his second mother after his own had passed away.

The chapel sat 95 and there was standing room only. She was well loved and will be missing a great deal.

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