Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good night...

Today was gorgeous!! All the closuds have moved out of the area, the temp was a nice 72, breezy, we had the office door open all day and it was wonderful!!!

Vikki brought cake and it looked good and probably tasted good, I went and made coffee and had it instead. And it wasn't that hard to turn it down.

Allan mentioned on his blog that some of our food will be changing...some additions and some subtractions. I really hope that it's not much. I'm really doing well on this and I hate to change what is working and is easy for me. I have been extremely good and not cheated at all, no substitutions or additions. Saturday and Sunday will be the real test, that is when my will power is at it's lowest. Thankfully, Christina will be at a friend's house and we won't be having lunch or dinner out.

Praise and worship practice was really long tonight. There is one person that doesn't ever seem to have his act together. It would surprise me greatly to find out that he actually practiced during the week like we are supposed to, to prepare for practice.

I'm off to bed! Night y'all!

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