Tuesday, May 31, 2011


has made me crazy for the last 2 weeks. I have been unable to post any comments on anyone's blog, including my own!!! Allan told me to install Google Chrome and type blogger in, I have done that and hopefully this will fix the problem. I will test it in a few minutes.

Went to a friend's house and cut her hair AND my finger! Man, that hurt!! I haven't cut myself like that in a long time.

I will probably read a few blogs and then go to bed, even though it's Tuesday, it's been a Monday!!

Have a good night everyone!


  1. Wow! It did!! Thanks, Allan!!!

  2. Funny, it ONLY works through Chrome. Google conspiracy???

  3. Make sure you're well protected from buggies.

    I installed Google Chrome last year and LOVED it. Used it all the time for a month. Got a bunch of bad stuff and it killed my laptop. Had to buy a new one.

    I'm back to Firefox and it's Ad Blocks and etc. I got scared.

    But Chrome was nice...I'm just scared. Probably was coincidence (the bug)...

    I wish Blogger would solve their problems. I've heard in email from some pals who are unable to comment on my blog...Pain in ye tuchis.


  4. Right now blogger is working for me, for the longest time it didn't. Not sure what's up but am sure happy to comment.
    How's the life style change coming along? Hope well.
    Just checking in. Take care and have a blessed day!!

  5. Hey Miss Mommie :) I responded on my blog to your question about being pregnant . Ha ha Thanks for reading.

  6. I'm trying to comment a new way.

    I think it worked! I just UNCHECKED the box that says STAY SIGNED IN and it worked.