Wednesday, May 4, 2011

P6, day 10

One of the reasons I wanted to do P6 (mainly liquid) was because I am too obsessed with food. I wanted something that would be repetitious and boring. Well, I got exactly what I asked for. I wanted to distance myself from food and be more in control of what, how much and WHY I eat. That is starting to happen. Allan has said that he is changing Phase 5 into Phase 6 starting on Monday. We will have one more week of what we are doing now and then adding in more foods. I almost wish we were doing what we are doing now for longer. I definitely like week 1 better than week 2 on this. Not sure if Allan is changing anything for next week or if we are repeating this week.

It's amazing how good I feel. I would have thought that I would be dizzy or fuzzy headed and I'm not. My step is lighter and I have more energy. I know it's not from sugar. I'm guessing it's because my digestive system has cleaned itself out and there is not a bunch of junk being stored there.

Oh!! I have a NSV!!! While, at Tammy's last night, we decided to measure each other and realized that it was almost exactly 3 months since the first time we had done it. I have lost 19 inches from my body since 2/4/11!! We took more photos, too. If I was brave enough, I would post those to compare then and now. Not gonna happen! At least not yet anyway!


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  1. Wow! 19 inches is great. You are sounding very determined. That is a wonderful thing. :)