Friday, May 27, 2011


For some reason, when I try to comment on someone's blog, I keep showing up as anonymous. Typically, I would write the comment and select google account and hit post, and it would take me back and I would have to hit post 3 or 4 times before I would get the verification word, then it would post my comment. Well, now it takes me to a google/blog sign in screen and I keep having to sign in and it puts me as anonymous. And then I get into a loop of hitting post, signing in, hitting post, signing in....and never end up posting!!!

Any ideas on what is going on??? Also, I have tried to sign out on my blog and it keeps taking me back to the dashboard without signing me out.

This is making me crazy!!! I am not very computer tech savy but I try!!



  1. I've read a few other people having the same problems. I think it's a blogger glitch that they need to fix.. not something you're doing. :) Hope they fix it soon!

  2. It seems to be working tonight. I've been ableo to leave comments, finally. I really missed doing that.
    I hope that all is well. Take care and have a blessed and awesome weekend.

  3. I have no idea why Blogger has been weird. I've seen many bloggers say the same, and Debbi has NOT been able to post comments (she emailed me to say so). I got a weird thingie when I tried to post here.

    Empty your cache. Clear your history. Clear cookies, even. Restart the puter. See if that helps.

    Hope you sort it out. Hope it doesn't get me! ; )