Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I meant to post these pics from this past Sunday sooner. This first one is before church, at about 8am. Isabella had been up since about 5:45, she had breakfast and then wanted her bottle. Chris likes to sleep on the couch on Sat night if he has to be at work on Sunday morning. Christina had put Isabella on his side while he was sleeping and woke him up with her. He was talking to her and playing with her and then while she was drinking her bottle, they both drifted off to sleep.

She fell asleep drinking her bottle and then her arm fell over and the bottle rolled over.

This is me and Isabella during praise and worship, this is very unusal because she doesn't cuddle much unless she is sleepy and doesn't feel good, so this was a treat. She really loves the music, she will bounce and clap her hands and rock back and forth (dance)!!

She is such a blessing in my life!!


  1. Really love that last picture of you and the baby. You are looking very trim. :)

  2. I love how when babies pass out, they look the same as people who pass out from alcohol, lol. Limbs flailed everywhere, mouth agape, ha ha. Seriously though, cutest baby ever!!

  3. @ Caron, I never wear dresses anymore, but I found this dress at Wal-Mart and it was so cute, I had to have it, then I tried it on and that was it!! I need to take a full body pic of myself. I got more compliments from people who finally noticed that I was losing weight! Sunday was a great day!!

  4. @ Joy, they sure do look like they have passed out!! My son, who will be 20 next month is still that way!

  5. Nice to meet you, found you from the Slim Summer Challenge at Debbie Does Dieting. I am a West TN girl too! Hope we can pull some weight off during this challenge.