Monday, June 6, 2011


Boy was today Monday!! It has been insane at home and at work. I feel like I can't catch up!!

I hate being on adderall but I think I may have to start taking it again. I feel like I can't finish a thought must less get anything done! But it gives headaches, it makes me short tempered, intolerant and impatient.

Diets going ok, not great but ok. I need to start exercising again. I haven't been to the gym in a while and I really need to.

God!! I feel so whiny!!

My boss but us extra monitors, so now I have 2 on my desk side by side. I have joked about getting twice as much work done for the same money. I really think it will make things easier. When a customer calls and complains about a rate increase, I can pull their policy up on one screen and then work on a rewrite on the other and not have to open and closes windows over and over again to get the info I need.

On Saturday, we picked up me and my grandmother's sewing machines, cost $225 for both to get tune ups and repair my Janome. My grandmother's machine is an old cabinet Singer machine. There is a sticker on it in my mom's handwriting that says that my mom bought it from grandmother in 1987 for $175. The crazy thing is that my mom bought the machine for grandmother and then bought it back from her so that she would get it after my grandmother died. Then "loaned" it to me to take home after the funeral. But s
he knows that she and I are the only sewers in the family. Ok, that word was so-ers not sue-ers!! Christian bought 20 patterns last week, on sale for .99 each. This week I bought 1 pattern and enough fabric for 3 dresses for Isabella. It's funny, but, this is the same dress pattern that my mom would sew for Christian when she was little and now I am going to make it for her daughter!! Grandma for Christian and Grammy for Isabella.
Each dress will have contrasting panties. The fabrics on the right are the dress fabrics and the ones on the left are the panties.

I really need to do my goals for the challenge.

Goal 1 - Exercise at least 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes each time.

Goal 2 - Eat only when physically hungry, no emotional eating or just because it is time.

Goal 3 - Lose at least 3 pounds a week.

Goal 4 - No more than 1200 per day (easy stick to with Allan's plan).

Goal 5 - Drink ALL my water.

Ok, that's it. I am not good at goal setting, I am a very good/bad? procrastinator. Hence, doing these on Monday night at the very last minute. Sorry Debbi and Mir.

Now, to figure out the link thing!


  1. I think sometimes I would love 2 monitors with all the things that I do! :-)

    My mom sewed but I never learned, take a picture of the dresses when you are done, I'll bet they'll be gorgeous!

    Glad you got the goals up! Let me know if you need help linking them in!

  2. Thanks I will!! on both counts!