Monday, May 2, 2011

P6, day 8

Today has been and still is extremely busy, I just needed a break from insurance for a few minutes. With all of the storms we've been having, we have had tons of claims and now one of our companies is having a moritorium for a few days, so we can't write anything in that company, of course, it is home owner's ins.

Diet is going well, still no cheats. I do miss my hot lunch, though. It is chilly and rainy here and I am wearing a sweater right now. I think I will have a cup of hot tea instead of coffee. Hot chocolate would be nice, good thing I don't have any!!!

I have a feeling we will be doing this or something very close to this for more than 2 weeks. I like what we are doing because the weight loss has sped up and I feel really good. I have a hernia and it has been hurting lately, but with the P6 cleaning out my system, it has gotten a LOT better.

I am reading a book that I'm liking very much. It is called Never Say Diet by Chantel Hobbs. She talks about changing your mindset before changing your body. I am pretty sure that is what I have done. Typically, I would have quit by now but I haven't. I really thought about this and made a conscious decision to not give up before I even started with Phase 4. She also talks about 5 decisions that you need to make and that once you do this will keep you from quitting because of those decisions. I haven't gotten to those yet, I wonder how many I have made on my own? She has gone from 349 lbs to 150 and is now a spin class instructor and a marathon runner. She decided to be the last that she could be. This has helped her tremendously. In 2004, she was on Oprah about her weight loss, she was 4 months pregnant at the time and no one noticed, but she had only lost 1/2 (100) of her goal then (200 lbs). She started her journey 10 yrs ago, on 4/29/01 and has not gained any of the weight back, even through her last pregnancy. I started reading this book on 4/29/11, weird, huh?

Well, there's my phone, back to work!

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