Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rollin' on...

I have been extremely busy this week. I went to the gym on Monday night and I am in sore in places I forgot I had!!! My armpits are sore!! I surprised myself with how well I did with the strength training. I started all of it at 30 pounds and was able to do 2 sets of 10 on everything I tried. On the butt machine, I did 90 pounds and it felt great! I found an ab machine I could use, it is like doing crunches sitting up.

Something funny and embarrassing happened that I am glad no one saw, at least I think no one saw! I was trying the hip and thigh machines, you know the ones you sit in and there are pads either on the outside of your knees or the inside of your knees. Well I was in the adductor one (pads on the inside) and spread my knees and then brought them together! Oh, sweet Jesus!! I forgot about my stomach being in the way and pinched the crap out of myself!!! I jumped and thought I was gonna fly off that thing!! That hurt!! It's funny now, but wow..., I struggle!

Food is going well, eating on plan with no cheats, just skipping the bread. I still have a hard time getting all my water in. I get distracted and forget to drink. I have this huge red cup on my desk and I forget it's there!! I may set a timer as a reminder and just drink like 8 oz every thirty minutes. I need 186 oz per day. I rarely drink anything else these days. An occasional diet coke or mt dew but not much. I used to drink at least a full 2 liter everyday, now they hang around and get flat.

Time for water!!

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  1. OMG, I know what machine you are talking about. My Daughter uses it. I dont, cause I'm afraid once I get on it and I wont be able to get off it. I am so uncoordinated.
    Shoot, I have trouble getting off the bike, lol. Dont forget to drink! Hugs.