Monday, February 14, 2011


Today I made a discovery! I discovered that plain oatmeal with only a tsp of brown sugar and no butter, tastes like, wait, wallpaper paste!! A lovely lady suggested that I try butter spray, so I bought some of that, some butter buds and some butter extract!!! Got some more apples, cabbage, romaine, fat free sour cream, eggs for the hubster.

There is this guy who used to work in my office for several years and then he left in Nov. He is coming back part time and today was his first day. I didn't realize how spoiled I was for not being tempted by food at work. He left for a few minutes and went down to the Subway down the street and brought back a sandwick. I could smell it from 6 ft away!!!! My stomach started growling and my mouth started watering...I got up and went and got my snack. It helped.

Hubby was smart enough to not buy me candy, but a card and some flowers. I got him a card and gave him the bag of sweethearts that the lady next door to my office gave me. I'm just glad it wasn't chocolate!!

Later y'all


  1. I would agree with the oatmeal. Just a thought, you could add some of your snack (fruit) to it. Maybe 1/2 an apple, peach or banana. I would imagine you could add cinnamon to it as well.

  2. You'll find the combination that works for you. Oatmeal isn't my favorite but it fills the hole and I don't get hungry as fast so swallow it whole and drink lots of water.
    You're doing great. Take care and have a blessed day.