Saturday, February 12, 2011


The party for Tammy's husband was fun, lots of good food and good people!! I didn't eat lots!! Just a little of a few things but was careful to stay under my calorie limit for the day.

Dennis's cake turned out well. Not bakery quality decorating, but not bad. Tammy asked me to make a cake in the shape of the Ohio State "O". I used mini cupcakes.

The O is supposed to be 8 sided but the corners are not as straight as they are supposed to be but not too bad. Everyone seemed to like it and Dennis was impressed. It was pretty cool that I did it with mini cupcakes because after we sing and he blew out the candles, Dennis just reached over and pulled out a couple of them, almost like monkey bread. So everyon, except me, had pull-apart cake.

Weigh in tomorrow, should be interesting to see how everyone did. Allan said that someone new has joined and a couple of people have dropped out. I wonder who and why?

Well, I am off to bed, have a good night!!

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  1. Good will power there kiddo not to be eating any of that cake. Pass some of that will power this way tomorrow cuz grandma is making the daycare Valentine treats and fudge.
    Keep up the great work. Take care and God Bless!!