Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A new beginning...

Last night I was hurt and very angry. Someone has gone too far with their criticism of Allan and his challenge. I think that because this is all done through blogs and emails that people think that their words have no repercussions, they can be as ugly and hurtful as they want and can hide behind anonymous comments. They would probably never say the things that they type face to face. When you have to look at someone and say the same things, it's harder to do and you tend to think before you speak. For some reason, there doesn't seem to be a filter from your brains to your hands when you type.

Allan decided to close the challenge. Some of us were doing really well, others not so much, but some had recommitted themselves to it, when the stuff hit the fan. I was upset with him and angry at the people how type before they think. I don't think they realize how much we depend on the challenge and Allan's willingness to be straight with us when we mess up. Just the threat of that was helping me, he was my Jillian. I didn't want to get to the point that he was in my face to get me back on track. I have enough people in my life that are just patting me on the back when I lose a pound and then just "poor baby" ing me when I mess up. I need someone to give me a dose of reality every now and then and Allan does that, along with the pats on the back.

I understand him having had enough of the nay-sayers and wanting to close the challenge. I am dissappointed that he did, but I understand not wanting to beat his head against a brick wall with some people. He has helped so many of us and he doesn't ask anything in return other than we stick to the plan or any plan, just do it. He spends his time composing daily emails, figuring out how much water each of the 65 or so of us need each day, he calculates our weight losses and percentages of weight losses, makes up the charts and puts them in his blog. He gives awards to those who deserve them and kicks in the pants to those who deserve that. He is even going to give tangible prizes to the winners of the challenge and all he asks of us is to stick to the plan, eat less and move more.

He has decided to re-open the challenge with Phase 5 on Monday. I am glad that he has. I want to lose more weight and get healthy. I want to see my grand daughter grow up. I want to grow old and crotchety with my husband. I don't want my mom to have to bury another of her children.

So I will be emailing Allan with my committment to the Phase 5 challenge. I hope you will too.


  1. Yeah, I'm glad he reconsidered. I know sometimes I type something without any ill intent and it looks bland to me, but someone may say it was hurtful and I go "Huh?". It really is harsher in black and white than face to face, for sure.

    I would say, though, tell the people around you to stop pussyfooting and back-patting. Tell them to be tough with you and tell you to put the crap down when you pick it up. Get the support at home, too.

    I've pretty much let my family know I ain't eating crap, even if they cook it for me as a "special" occasion thing. It's their money wasted. I ain't eating it. And I told them if they see me screwing up, to kick me, yell at me, grab my hair, call me a monkey, whatever they want. They have permission to heap howls upon me. :)

    Be well, girl...for those kids and the grandkid...and for YOU.

  2. I too joined his phase 5. I'm ready to finish losing my last chunk of weight.
    Take care my friend. God Bless!!