Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just call me Magellan...

I discovered something else this morning. I am doing day 14 of the plan today and as I was putting my lunch together and eating my breakfast at the same time, I had an epiphany. I finished breakfast then finished preparing and packing my lunch, then I went and sat down at my laptop and turned it on and thought "where is my breakfast?" In my mind, I had not eaten yet, even though my stomach was full, I totally missed breakfast. It had become mindless eating which for me leads to over eating!! It was like being in a movie theater with a BIG bucket of popcorn, with extra butter, of course, and looking down half way through the movie and realizing that the bucket was empty!! Now I know what the phrase "eating with purpose" means. From now, if I am preparing both meals at once, I will wait until I am done to eat my breakfast. Timing is important.

On another note, I think I may kill the lady that works next door. We have become friends over the last 4 1/2 years that I have worked in this building. She is a devout Catholic and being from south LA, I was raised in a Catholic community and all of my family except me and my mom are Catholic, how that happened I am not really sure. I can talk to her about religion whereas, I can't with my co-workers, well not really. Out of the four of us in my office only me and another person goes to church and he is not very regular. Anyway, I can talk to V about our church fast and things like that and I don't get the "you're crazy" looks. Well, she knows that I have been on a diet for over a month now, on Monday she brought me a bag of Sweethearts candy and today a quart size ziplock bag of puppy chow. For you Yankees, this is not dog food. It is Rice Chex cereal coated in chocolate and then rolled in powdered sugar. She also brought some cake.

Her funeral will be on Saturday with the viewing on Friday night at 7, at the St. Luke's Catholic Church. Please attend and send my bond money to my husband so that he can bail me out for the funeral. I loved her and she will be missed.

Have a great day. BTW, I gave the puppy chow to my boss.


  1. I'm from Chicago and I know what puppy chow is. Yum!!

  2. OMG! Puppy Chow! I don't think I could resist that. I haven't had it for probably 20 years... but I could totally taste it right now when you mentioned it. BTW.. originally from Nebraska.. and we made it every Christmas!

    Excuse me while I go drool over the thought of Puppy Chow.

  3. Never heard of puppy chow and ya know what? It sounds good. I am glad she didn't bring it to me. LOL Gracie