Thursday, February 3, 2011


Kind of blah today. Don't get me wrong, nothing bad going on, but nothing exciting either.

Got a great recipe from Allan for a low cal pizza, it was really easy and oh so good!!

1 whole wheat flat out wrap
2tbs pizza sauce
1/4 mozz
half breast rottiserie chicken, chopped (and mix in hot wing sauce)
1 1/2 tbs hot wing sauce (10 cal/tbs)
1/2 roma tomato thinly sliced
several fresh spinach leaves shredded
garlic powder and parsley sprinkled over top

Bake wrap on rack at 350 for 5 min, take out and top with ingredients, raise oven temp to 400 and put "pizza" back in for 5 min or til cheese is melted.

When I put all the ingredients into myfitnesspal it came up to right at 300 for the whole thing!!

It was delish!!!

So with oatmeal for breakfast, a frozen low cal meal for lunch, carrots and guac for snack, pizza for dinner and fudgicles for dessert....grand total of just under 1100 cal for the day!!

I was craving chinese for lunch today, so instead a got Michelina's stir fried rice with vegetables and chicken. 440 cal, I know, high for lunch so I skipped the afternoon snack, so by the time I got home, I was really hungry, but the pizza hit the spot. I learned my lesson, but I didn't want to give into the craving for the chinese...I don't like sushi, which my favorite chinese place does well (or so I'm told) so I know I would have gotten the salt shrimp, fried in tempura and heavily salted; hibachi chicken, might not have been too bad; cheesy crab, fake crab with onion, celery, lots and lots of cheese and some grease at the bottom. Yeah, diarrhea city, even when not on a diet!!! Michelina's was not great but kept the craving at bay.

Me and my friend, Tammy, are going to take "before" pictures tomorrow night. Some in are undies and then some in clothes. Don't worry, the undies pics WILL NOT BE POSTED ON THE 'NET!!! Just for personal mortification and motivation and then pride that the person I am on inside is coming out from behind the layers of protection that I have eaten most of my life.

Another day, another pound...


  1. Excellent on the pizza! I love tortilla pizzas! I just made them for the kids last night.

    I have NOT taken those pictures and I so never will. Good for you for having the guts to do it! I have one of me at about 20 lbs. more than I am now but that's it. I want no rememberance of it. :-)

  2. I enjoy making pizzas (for years) from whole grain flat bread or mini ww pitas or some equivalent. Even the low carb ones work. It's a way to get the satisfaction of pizza without the mega-calories. ILots of decent pizza sauces/marinaras without sugar. And any topping you want...I like a full out veggie one. Fat free mozzarella has gotten a lot obetter over the it actually will melt and be decnt. I like to mix nonfat and part skim for a more luxurious taste.

    Eating healthfully and ow-cal doesn't have to suck, right?