Friday, February 11, 2011

Good day...

It has been a great day today. The sun is shining, the sky is a beautiful shade of blue and I get to see Isabella tomorrow!

Going to Tammy's for a birthday party for her husband tomorrow. It will be great fun. I'll get to see someone from the CBC, Crazy Bitch Club. We are a group of women ranging in age from the mid twenties to the late sixties who get together a couple of time a year and just hang loose. We hold our breathes for the first person to get called bitch and for someone to drop the f-bomb!! Some people get plastered and have their husbands come get them and some of us just hang back and watch the fireworks. It is a very diverse group of women and it is interesting to get to know them. The is a core group of us that get together more often, about 6-8 of us, me, Tammy and Betsy are part of that group. Betsy and her husband will be at the party too. I can't wait for her to see me because she hasn't seen me since I started losing weight and I know she will notice!

Diet is going well. Weight loss has been slow this week because it is that time of the month and the water is being held onto by my hormones. Bad hormones, bad!

The strength execises have been a pain, they make me feel fat, cause I have a hard time with them. It's weird because in my clothes I feel thinner and I feel really good, but when I try to do the execises, reality sets in. Oh, well, it'll get better, I just have to keep at it and not give up.

Never give up, never surrender!!

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  1. Keep it up, you're doing it. Wait until next week when the water weight is gone, just think how far that scale will of moved.
    Have a great weekend. God Bless!!