Saturday, February 5, 2011

Last night...

I went to Tammy's last night and we made flat bread pizzas and she loved it!!! She is doing Weight Watchers, she used to do it a long time ago so it is familiar to her, but she is converting everything to the new Points Plus program. A little confusing but I know she will do well. It's nice to have someone here that I can talk to and she will tell me to "put the f'ing fork down, now!!!" I love her!!!

We ate our pizza and then took before pics of me and then did our measurements, scary!! No undie pics!! I found an old work out set that I have never worn, so it was form fitting without being indecent. Tank top and pants with lots of spandex!! I wish we had done this a month ago but having lost 22 lbs, I still have a lot to go so they will still be good to look back at and compare.

I realized yesterday that I was forgetting to count the sugar and creamer in my coffee!! I joke that I like a little coffee in my cream and sugar so when I started counting how much I use, my cup of coffee ends up being about 100 cal each!!! aaahhhh!!!! I guess I need to give up coffee for now because all of the artificial sweeteners I have tried taste funny in hot things. I like equal or splenda in my iced tea but can't stand either one in coffee. I make my own frappicino and use splenda in it and it is fine. Hot, not so much.

Got to go get Christina and Isabella now and we are going grocery shopping.

Later gator!!


  1. I buy the best quality coffee I can--freshly roasted for me when I order it, usually single origin (Brazil and Ethiopia being my faves, then Costa Rica and Indonesia). I bought a gourmet set-up, filter the water, use Ez Sweetz to sweeten (I use 4 to 5 drops per cup). Amazing. It calms cravigns just cause the taste is so good. Cremaer or milk would desecrate the amazing tones of cocoa, honey, fruit, spice, nuts.... good coffee with a good set-up makes amazing brew. You actually taste the subtleties. Worth the moolah to get somethign satisfying, with antioxidants, with almost no calories Well, for me. :D

    I just took pics today in my bra and shorts wit no undies (so I don't get a disguised uplift of abdomen, etc). I hate looking at the lumpies, but it's a reality check and a way to gauge further progress..

    Let's rock the weight loss!

  2. I regret not have the before pictures. I should of listen when told to do them. I'm glad you got them even if a month behind.
    Keep up the great work MissMommie. Good luck with Allan's Phase 5 Challenge.
    Take care and God Bless!!