Saturday, February 12, 2011


It is a beautiful day here in Memphis! The sun is out and we are finally going to have a day above freezing!!!

Me and my girls are going to help a friend of ours, Mia The Model, on FB, go shopping for her wedding dress! This should be fun. I have visions of "Say Yes to the Dress" floating around in my head. I doubt it will be that fancy, though!

My heart, tears and prayers go out to Allan and Sue this morning. They are having to take their precious Elvis to the vet today and they won't be leaving with him. I have had to do this before with one of our cats and I have gone with my friend to be with her for one of her dogs and helped her with another.

Need to go have breakfast and shower. Party is tonight, pimento cheese is made, cake this afternoon. I looked on myfitnesspal and Fresh Market's pimento cheese is 120 cal per TBS!!! I won't be having any of mine. Cheese, mayo, pimento, black pepper and garlic salt, to die for!! I and I don't want to!!

Later gator!

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