Friday, March 25, 2011


was really long last night. We practiced 2 songs that we hadn't done in a long time so it took a while. We didn't get done until about 9:15. Hubby and I went to Wendy's and I had 2 ceasar side salads with 1 pack of pomegranate dressing for a grand total of 180 calories! The salad consists of about 1 cup romaine, 2 grape tomatoes and some shaved parmesan cheese. That's it and it's one of my favorite things to eat.

Doing day 3 today and had my egg sandwich for breakfast. Pretty full, still. Looking forward to the Taco Bell for lunch, it seems strange that it is on the plan, but it is!!

My stomach really hurts today, though. Several years ago, I had a
hernia repaired and it had come open again a couple of years ago. With no health insurance, I can't have it repaired yet. Whenever I sleep on my back a lot at night (usually a side sleeper) it is sore in the morning. I think I must have spent most of the night on my back though, because it's really sore today.

Steak and baked potato for supper tonight, yeah!!!

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