Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lots and lots of 2 yr olds...

2 hrs. at a 2 yr old's birthday party was loud, exhausting but fun. The kids had a great time. Strawberry Shortcake was the character theme for the party. There was a bouncy thing, face painting, food, candy, pinata, sherbert and lots of gifts. I had one bite of cake off of my daughter's plate and that was enough, not really used to sweets like that anymore and that was a good feeling!!

Then went to Wal-Mart with Christina and Isabella, spent way too much. Got Izzy the cutest outfit that Christina put together. A Light pink onsie with darker pink spots on it, pink pants, a black tutu and sparkly pink shoes!! I can't wait to dress her in it for church tomorrow!!! Her mama is going to freak!! I love it!!!

I am curious about the new menus we are getting tomorrow from Allan...he mentioned Taco Bell. He is probably going to tell us that we can eat certain things from there and they will probably things I would load down with cheese to make it taste better. We'll see. One thing I know, it be good for me, well, at least as good for me as Taco Bell can be. I do love their Chipotle Steak Taco salad!!!

Need to go figure out what to fix for the family for supper.


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  1. Oh I can imagine how loud a 2 year old birthday party would be! How fun!

    I LOVE tacos but nothing at Taco Bell interests me anymore, that's for sure! Mine are tastier and healthier. Should be interesting to see new menus though. :-)