Thursday, March 17, 2011


It is a gorgeous day!! The skies are blue, no clouds, a nice breeze! We have the office doors open so that we can enjoy the beautiful weather. Still a little chilly, because I am indoors so I have my sweater on.

I have noticed that since I have started losing weight, that I am colder than normal. I guess less fat to keep me warm!!! lol

One of the guys in my office commented this morning that I was really slimming down! Sweet! He knows that I have been in the challenge and was curious about it. It will be nice to see someone I haven't seen in a while and see how they react.

I went walking in my new Skechers after work yesterday in Shelby Farms. There is a walking trail there and it was so nice, but there are some inclines and I am not used to that! Nice work out though! I want to start going there on my way home from work everyday, that way I have no excuse not to walk. I pass by this everyday!!! Now that the time has changed, it is no longer dark at 5:30 when I get off. I need to remember to bring water with me.


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  1. I am so glad you took the time to check in and tell us what you've been up too. When a person is gone you just wonder what's up and how their are doing. I love the sound of your new shoes. They too are on my agenda to get soon, very soon if I can swing it. You walk sounds perfect and on the way home, now that's great. Last night I went for a walk, the first 2.25 by myself jogging/walking, the last 2 miles with my dad. It felt too but not as good as today. You'll just have to stop by later on and read about that, if you have a moment.
    Take care MsMommie. Have a blessed afternoon.