Thursday, March 17, 2011

My baby's home!!!

Christina left on Monday morning to go to the Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg TN, with the youth group from church. They came home tonight, she was so excited to be home but had a great time. I went several years ago with our older daughter, Christian. It was wonderful!!! The funny thing is, this year they stayed two cabins away from the cabin we stayed in the first year. It is good to have her home.

Ed and I went out to eat tonight, Cajun Catfish Cabin. It was just ok. I had the grilled platter. Grilled catfish, a crab cake and four grilled shrimp. I picked apart the crap cake and just ate the crap from it, fake crab meat. The fish tasted like the refridgerator, shrimp was overcooked. The best part of my meal was the salad I got in place of the fries and cole slaw.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!! Then I get Isabella on Saturday!! YAY!!! Talk about live for the weekends! That little girl makes me want the weekend to hurry up like a fat girl wants chocolate shake!!

Night y'all!!

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