Friday, March 18, 2011

good day

Today was a really good day. Work was busy but with no major problems, well not for me anyway. A couple of people who had claims, the adjusters called us today to tell us that they were denying the claims. One was auto and the other home. I hate when that happens. A lady traded in her car last year in Feb and didn't tell us. Then in Feb this year, she was in a car wreck, then a few days later she called and traded the cars on her policy. The adjuster denied her claim because she had owned the car for more than 30 days without notifying us. So, if you buy a car, whether it is an additional car or a replacement, CALL YOUR INSURANCE AGENT AND ADD IT ON!!!!!! And if you own a house that you rent out and your tenant is dodging you, GO CHECK YOUR HOUSE AND MAKE SURE THAT THE POWER IS STILL ON AND THE TENANT HASN'T ABANDONED IT IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER WITH THE POWER OFF!!!!! Because the house was vacant when the pipes burst, there is no coverage. Denied claim #2. I hate this part of insurance. I like the part when I can explain things to people and make them understand how insurance works and when I can save them money. Now a days, that's not happening as often as I would like, but sometimes...

Food was great today, did Ahi Tuna for dinner, marinated in some soy, oyster sauce, garlic and teriyaki. Delish!!! With some green beans and carrots!

Busy weekend ahead. Church cleaning, appt at hair place, Isabella, birthday party at 3 and grocery shopping. Then church on Sunday.

Later, gator!!

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