Monday, March 7, 2011


It is Monday morning and I have gotten up early to make my hubby breakfast and lunch to take to work like I have been for several weeks now. I go to the pantry to get the bread and realize that I forgot to get some at the store yesterday. I went to Wal-Mart to get and prescription filled and knew before I left the house that we needed bread but by the time I made the 5 minutes drive to W-M the thought was gone!! I offer him a couple of apples to take and lets me know that he still has a sandwich left from Sat that he had put in the fridge at work. So he will only be mildly starving when he gets home.

Weigh in was ok, lost 2 pounds and 4 challengers, this improves the odds of winning but it also makes me sad that people are quitting. I really hope that they continue to diet and exercise on their own. I know Karen is, she is so close to her goal weight that her story is exciting just waiting and watching for that big announcement since she is only 10 pounds away!! I can't wait til she reaches it!!!

Some people are very inspiring, some not so much. Some I read to encourage myself, like Karen who perseveres and some I read to know what not to do. Some are for recipes and so are for giggles. Some are just for a good kick in the pants, some are for the train wrecks that they are. But most of them have one common lose weight.

Happy Monday!!

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  1. Good morning and have a great day at work. Stop on the way home for bread and tomorrow lunch will be so much more filling. :o)
    Take care and you did awesome last week. Here's to a great week this week.
    God bless my friend.