Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wow!! All that was 2 yrs ago...

I have slipped back into food being the most important thing in my life...the thing that I think about the most.

The corporate fast started again on Sunday and this year has been the hardest for me. I did not pray and get mentally prepared like I have in the past and this makes all the difference in the world.

All lot of things have changed in the last 2 yrs. C1 has gotten married, she is 21 now and they have a baby, Isabella Grace, who I just adore!! She has brought so much joy into our lives!! C2 is now 19 and still lives with us. A friend of his, Josh, has moved in with us, he is paying us rent but has been not getting any hours at work and not able to pay us. C3 is now 16, holy cow!!

One of my favorite blogs to read is Almost Gastric Bypass 2, Allan has been an inspiration to me. He is a in your face, no excuses kind of guy who is losing a huge amount of weight by following the gastric bypass diet but without the surgery. He is amazing!! He has more will power and determination than anyone I have ever seen!!!

I joined his challenge this week. For the first couple of days I did just the liquid part of the diet so that I could get rid of some of the water weight that I have, my ankles thanked me profusely!! Now I am cutting back on the calories but I am unable to follow the diet completely because I am also doing our Daniel's fast. No meat, no sweets and no bread. So I am eating a lot of carbs and vegetables, some dairy and a little fruit. I have lost 6 pounds this week. I started at 366.5 and yesterday weighed 360. I have not weighed yet this am and the challenge weigh in is tomorrow. I am having a hard time drinking all the water, I need over 200 oz per day for my weight just to be hydrated. The bad thing is that I have a sinus infection and everytime I sneeze or cough real good, I pee a little...bummer. I feel like I am 80 years old instead of 47.

C3 asked me last night after I sneezed and jumped up and ran to the bathroom, if I needed her to go buy me some Depends...scary thing is that I considered it!!

Going to Tammy's today to dog will be hard to not go to the Pig N Whistle and get an Idaho Pig. Which is a huge baked potato with butter, sour cream, cheese and bbq pulled pork...yummy!!!

Later gator!!

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  1. You're not the only one. Sneezing, hard coughing or jumping robe...makes a person just a bit damp in place you really don't want to be.
    Good idea joining Allan. He is a great guy, down to earth and doesn't mince words. I've been with him since his first challenge and have lost close to 20. I like that he rides my butt if I screw up, he answers my question all the time and praises when I've done well.
    You do have your hands full with your wonderful family. Teenagers, Gods challenge in our lives but also such great rewards.
    Take care and have a blessed afternoon.