Friday, January 28, 2011


Going to Trolley Stop Market tomorrow. They have a farmers market there that Wild Wind Farms delivers to. Wild Wind has all organic produce, dairy and meat. I thought I would go check it out. Trolley Stop also has a cafe there and it sounds really good. I thought Isabella, C3 and I would go and have lunch and then shop. They are on facebook if anyone is interested in looking. I watched Food, Inc the other night and it was very disturbing how most of our food is controlled by a handful of companies. Do you know that it is against the law to talk bad about beef? Oprah was sued because she made a comment on her show about not wanting to have hamburgers anymore. There is something wrong with that and how "big" business has so much power.

Do you remember the e-coli incident at Jack in the Box years ago? The 2 yr old boy that died during that time, his mother is now an advocate for more safety regulations for meat. The interviewer asked her what had changed about her eating of hamburgers and she wouldn't answer. She was obviously afraid of saying anything about whether she still ate beef. So sad and scary. What happened to the 1st Amendment?

Ate good today, stayed under 1200 calories and went walking with the hubby.

One more day of the Daniel's Fast. Thank God, I miss meat.


  1. You are doing awesome. Keep it up Miss Mommie.
    I have nothing bad to saw about beef but that's because I get mine directly from the farm. People should be able to say what it is that makes them tick, no matter who's happy about it or not.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  2. I have this awful flashback from the movie Food Inc. It's of this poor downer cow being shoved with a forklift. :(

  3. Food, Inc. was such an eye-opening movie. It really made me rethink how I eat. That and Supersize Me were the two movies that affected my eating habits a LOT! Growing up on a farm, I didn't eat much meat because I saw the animals get "butchered" (in a humane way) and still couldn't eat them after. I still have issues eating any kind of meat after seeing it in it's raw state.

    You're doing a great job!

  4. I'm Fluffy - I know, I was in shock over that!! I had tears in my eyes watching that! Horrible!!! And the cow trying to walk on legs that have no muscle strength to hold its back end up!

    Jacqui, Thanks!! I grew up in a fast food restaurant!! My mom was pregnant with me when my parents opened the "Big R". I was kept in a playpen in the back while my mom was working. I grew up eating "crap" but I must say it was good crap. I mean that is was not chemically enhanced the way most foods are now. My parents actually made a lot of the things from scratch. The hamburger did come pre-pattied, though. We did raise chickens in our backyard for a while. Those eggs were good! I loved when I would find a double yolk one! But that rooster was mean!!! lol