Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today has been wonderful!! Isabella was an angel!

A friend of mine that I have not seen in almost a year, came over today. She takes care of her elderly parents and has trouble getting away. We got to spend a couple of hours together and it was great seeing her. She, C3, Izzy and I went to do some shopping at Walmart. Got more veggies and fruit, and some food for C3 to take to C1's house. She is going to be babysitting there this week while C1's hubbie is off doing his class for the National Guard. He will be gone for a week and since C1 works at night, she needs someone at the house to take care of Izzy. C3 is doing our fast but C1 is not, so she has no fast friendly foods.

I call my children C1, C2 and C3, not to keep their identities a secret, but because my sister came up with the short hand names for them when we email each other.

C1 is Christian, 21 yr old mother of Isabella and wife of Charles.
C2 is Christopher, 19 yr old son, my favorite pain in the ass, love him like crazy but he pushes my buttons like nobody's business!
C3 is Christina, 16 yr old Goth diva, not goth in attitude but she likes black polish and dark make-up, but one of the most loving, giving people you would ever want to meet.

See why we use the numbers? All the Chris's makes it hard to come up with nicknames!! We tried tian (chin), pher and tina, Tina is the only one to stick!!

Can't wait for tomorrow's weigh in! I have a good feeling about it! I can't get over how much I have lost in 2 weeks! It's crazy and so far has not been that hard. Maybe because I have changed my mind set about food. I love what Allan says "It's food...and then it's poop". Priceless! Talk about perspective!

Well, I am off to bed. Hubby and I are both singing in the Worship team tomorrow and we have to be at church at 7:45 for practice.

'Night all!!

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  1. I cheated and looked at Allan's side bar. You are doing awesome. Keep it up girl.
    I am so glad you had a great visit, grand baby and daughter and your friend.
    Take care my friend. God Bless!!!