Thursday, January 20, 2011

Walkin' In Memphis...

I decided that I didn't want to walk at the office last night because my boss's office partner was having an after hours meeting...he knows some people that don't want other people to see them. So I went home and took Ginger for a walk. She is a dog that we adopted from a family at church who had decided that with two toddlers, they just could not handle two large dogs anymore. She is ginger in color (they named her) and very sweet and playful. We live on one really long block and don't know our neighbors because everyone pretty much keeps to themselves. We get about half way to the corner and my husband calls to see what I was up to, once I tell him, he says that I should have waited and he would have gone with me! I almost fell out!! By this time I am back at our house and told him that I could do it again and would wait for him. He never wants to execise, I guess his overnight stay in the hospital scared him a little and he is now willing to walk with me. It might have had something to do with the fact that I told him that I had said to my best friend that he was going to start going walking even if I had to put him on a leash like a dog!! He thought it was funny. We enjoyed it. All the kids were gone and it was just us and the dogs.

I just realized, we have a "thing" about the number 3. We have 3 kids, 3 dogs and 3 cats. Our oldest daughter moved out, then got married and had Isabella. Then I thought, 1 down, 2 to go. Josh moved in...he is a friend of our sons who was being taken advantage of by his roommate and he wanted to move out but had no place to go. Back to 3 kids...

Lost that same pound again. No more late night eating. It wasted a whole day of dieting. I knew better, but it was just so cold outside and I had just gotten home from my daughter's house and knew that bowl of oatmeal would warm me right up. Next time I have hot tea or broth, that'll work too!!

2 eggs for breakfast, will have veggie burger for lunch, wrapped in lettuce with tomato...188 calories. Maybe another salad for dinner.

I had a salad last night with iceberg, spinach, tomato, cucumbers,walnuts, raisins, a little cheddar cheese, and a chicken patty cut up on top. The chicken patty was a Morning Star veggie thing, no meat. It was good. About 600 calories now that I add everything up. A little high for dinner so I think I will cut out the raisins, they were 130 ca, didn't realize they were so high.


  1. Nice that hubs wants to walk! Hope that keeps up!

    Very nice that you are getting more aware of what you are eating. I remember going to the salad bar and loading up but thinking it was "healthy" because it was a salad. By the time I was done, I couldn't see any lettuce!

    You're salad sounds good, raisins aren't worth it in my book either. I had some craisins yesterday but they didn't do anything for me except give me 75 more calories for a small handful. The cheese doesn't add a lot of flavor either. Look for pumping up the veggies to bulk it up, precut a bunch at once so you have them on hand.