Friday, July 1, 2011

Whoo hoo!!!

It's Friday!!

Today was insane!!! We had a great time at work until about 1pm when F finally showed up at work! We laughed and played and actually got a lot of work done.

F talked to me at the end of the day and told me that he and M had talked and decided (if it was ok with me) that they would share me after next week. I will work 40 hours total for them but not 4 hr and 4 hrs, it will be a blended day where I work for both of them at the same time. How that will work, I have no idea!!! Then on Sept 1, I will work only for M. We'll see. If I get a job somewhere else, I am sooo out of there!! At least this way I will not be out of a job.

I need to go to the store tomorrow and pick up some groceries for my diet and for the family. I am going to start the low calorie tomorrow and then the liquid on Tues after the holiday, I think it will be easier that way. I will only do the liquid for a week or two just so that my stomach will shrink and it will be easier to have less food. Then I will transition to the low calorie, moderate carb, you can't really call 100 carbs low carb. If that doesn't work for me, I will start backing some of the carbs off. Summer is the worst time of year for my ankle to swell. The heat and humidity doesn't help. I am going to try and do more swimming this summer and that should help. I love that my gym has pools, I just need to go use them.

I finished one of the dresses (except for the buttonholes) for Isabella, well, I still have the panties to do. It has turned out so cute! I'll get pics up as soon as I fin
ish and can get her in it!!

The fabric for the pockets is the same fabric for the panties. The fabric is much prettier in person!!

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  1. Nice on the getting refocused for the diet, we all need a bit of refocusing!!

    LOVE the dress, so cute!