Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday, again...

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!!! Our modem went out over the weekend and we finally have a new one here at home.

I'm sorry I've not been blogging in a couple of weeks, my life has been insane.

My boss ended up filing an E & O claim and blamed me for it, E & O insurance is like malpractice insurance for doctors. My boss handed me a quote sheet and said that all I needed to do was to hit submit and send proof of insurance (dec page) to the mortgage company for payment. I did that. When I submitted the app, it generated a letter stating that it needed underwriting approval before coverage would be provided. This letter looked exactly like the policy acceptance letter that is normally generated after submission. We were not notified that the application was not accepted, evidently this is different from a policy that is declined. Typically on a decline, we get an email, a fax and a letter to us and the insured, we got none of this. The underwriter told F that we were supposed to check the app in a few days after it was processed to see if the policy issued or not, we didn't know this. F blames me 100%, even though he knew that the customer had prior claims, he should have known what was acceptable and what was not. Just like the main company that we write for, I know that only one loss is acceptable and only if it is weather related. If you have a theft loss on your home within the last 3 yrs, we can't write your policy in Farmers. If you have more than one 30 day late pay on your mortgage in the last 12 months, we can't write your home in American Reliable (he didn't know this). He is the agent of record and he should know the underwriting guidelines of the companies we write through. It is ridiculous that he doesn't and expects me to know them.

A couple of Monday's ago we had a really bad storm and a tree fell on this guy's house, there was no coverage. F has always said that if he had to file an E & O he would fire me. Friday (2 weeks ago) he called me into his office and said that he was moving me to another agent's office because of this, in other words, firing me and finding me another job. He said several times that he hoped that I understood and appreciated that he was moving me and not just letting me go.
He left for about an hour and by the time he came back I had all of my stuff packed and in my van. I had to go back out and get my highlighter!! He came back and never noticed. I asked him when I was supposed start at the other office, he said in about a month!!! Lovely!!

Then in the middle of last week, he tells me that the new girl, Kitty, yes I know her and yes she looks like a stripper (but I like her and she is very nice) is starting in 2 weeks and he won't need me after this week. So now, he gets out of paying me for the 4th. On Thurs night (last week) guess what I find out!!! The other agent decided that he can't afford me, he had already hired someone that was inexperienced and couldn't afford to hire someone else, as well. I told F this on Friday morning and he was shocked.

THEN yesterday morning, he asks me to stay another week so that I can answer the phone while he is training her and then help her get settled in. THEN the other agent in our office (he wanted to hire me and F told him no, it wouldn't work) tells me in confidence (shhhh, don't tell anyone) that F talked to him about sharing me, 20 hrs each, but I would not be allowed to answer his phone, only Kitty would. I'm not supposed to know about this yet. How he lost his ever loving mind???? He has fired me!!! and then wants me back part time to ASSIST someone else!!! When I have told him for years that I have way too much to do and that I need help!!!

Lord help me!!

I had an industry test with State Farm on Tues and I passed both the service and sales parts. They are supposed to contact me in the next 5-7 business days with the "next steps in my career with State Farm". I really hope this works out!! I keep praying that this is God's will for me. I just want away from F, I am so tired of taking all of the blame for things that he messes up.

Kitty used to work in our office several years ago, but she worked for M. He ended up letting her go because she was missing so much work. She and my boss ended up sleeping together and she told me that he was laughing with her about how much stuff he did wrong and blamed on me and got away with it.

Moving on...

The diet is sucking right now. I have done nothing but eat and worry for the last 2 weeks and have probably gained back 15-20 lbs. YUCK!!! I am starting over AGAIN. I keep trying to decide what to do. I like low carb because I am a meat eater but the 1200 calories per day works great but my ankles swell from the carbs. Tammy wants me to do weight watchers with her but that is so slow! I am seriously thinking of doing the P6 again for 2 weeks because it really helped shrink my stomach and I was not nearly as hungry when I went back to regular food. I may combine low carb and low calorie. On Fatheads, the guy talks about keeping calories under 2000 and carbs under or close to 100 per day. I think I will do that but lower the calorie count to about 1200. I still have all of Allan's plans saved so I think I will run the P4 through myfitnesspal and tweak it to fit. What do you think?


  1. I am so sorry that work has been hell... I am thinking this may be a blessing in disguise! sounds like you needed out of there. I'm sure everything will work out.. but I can imagine the stress you are going through right now. ((HUGS))

    I can't help much on the diet front.. as I'm still searching myself.. but whatever you find.. just do it! You have rocked the weight loss so far, so you know you have the ability!

  2. So glad you're back even though you had bad news. I am hoping an experience insurance person like you will be able to find something quickly. Your former boss sounds terrible! I know it's hard not to turn to food but do your best. Hugs from me too. :)

  3. Thank you both sooo much, I appreciate it! I'll keep you posted as I find out info!

  4. It's time to move on. It's not right for someone to blame you for their mistakes. I hope this all works out.
    Missing Allan? I am. I think going back to where you did the best is a great idea.
    Good luck.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  5. Holy buckets, I can't believe all that happened at work! What a bum deal! I so hope this all works out for you, this guy sounds like a jerk!

    Hey, if the menu's worked before, they will again. Stick with 1200 healthy calories and you'll do great! If it will help, you can still post an update next week and link in to the challenge. It's up to you. Either way, I so wish you success and I KNOW you can do this!