Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 4...

Doing really well.  Had a protein shake for breakfast, 4 carbs and I am having my first cup of coffee, it will be my last, as well, 2 carbs.  I am cutting back on caffeine and because of low carb, sugar.  I joke about having a little coffee in my cream and sugar.  I use a tall coffee cup that Christina gave me for my birthday last year that has a collage of Isabella on it, it is about 16 oz and I have 2 of these per day.  I usually put in 3 spoons of creams (powder) and 6 spoons of sugar. I got used to using Equal instead of sugar during Phases 4-6 but when that was over and I realized how bad I felt with so much Equal in my system, I went back to sugar.  Today I decided to tough it out without Equal/Splenda/Stevia in my coffee and just use my sugar free liquid creamer.  I hate the after taste that I get with artificial sweeteners in hot liquids.  To be honest, it was not as sweet as I like it but it wasn't "spew it out of my mouth" nasty, either.  I think I could get used to it.  That would be a good thing.

Lunch today with be left overs from last night, chicken tenders and green beans, 8 carbs, no ranch to dip in this time.  So far, I am at 14 carbs.

After while, crocodile!!


  1. Haven't visited the blog in a while. Came to check. Wowza, woman, you had gotten over your 2/6 weight? Glad you're back on working on it!

    I've never done Atkins with induction, but I know for a fact I do better with moderate carbs. I learned it extra for sure during P4, with that high-carb plan that stalled me.

    Remember to drink lots of fluids. Low-low induction level carbs will make you flush a hella lot of water. The first week for sure, and often into week 2, is a lot of water loss. You'll know by week three what real loss will be. :) Hope you do fine and don't "induction flu".

    Take care!!!!

  2. @ Princess, I know, right?!?! All of that hard work...just gone!!

    I think my biggest problem was that I couldn't make up my mind on what plan to do. Low cal - I can have a little of anything but most of the low cal foods are high in carbs and nutrasweet. Low fat - doesn't work for me. Paleo - I like dairy too much to give up cheese. Low carb - I miss fruits and sweets.

    My friend, Tammy, wants me to do WW with her and I said that I would once induction was over. I promised that I would give it 4 weeks, but I am afraid I won't lose fast enough and not be motivated to continue. We'll see, I will give it my all for those 4 weeks and if I need to go back to Atkins, I will.