Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So, Christina and I had Allan's pizza tonight for supper.  Mine was 8.5 points and her's 12.  The only thing I miss with this is the crust.  I would love a buttery, deep dish pizza, yum!  But my bootie is big enough, thank you very much!!

I joined a challenge today, it ends on 12/19, I just realized that the day it ends is the anniversary of me and my husband's first date, 29 years ago.  It's a Christmas Dress Challenge.  I need to find something special to wear that I will need to lose weight for as an incentive.

Night, y'all


  1. It's been a while. Maybe an update? Come on! Let us know what's up!

  2. Hey, it's been more than two months? Did ya just give up altogether. COME ON! Update!