Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Switching gears...

It's been 2 weeks since I have blogged or even read any.  My friend, Tammy, has convinced me to give Weight Watchers a try.  So I am.  My first meeting was on 9/8, 2 weeks ago and I didn't start until the following Monday.  I've only been doing it for 1 1/2 weeks and the options are great, the food is what you choose and at 48 points plus, there is a lot.  One thing it is doing for me is I am eating a lot more fruit and veggies.  The numbers are slowly coming down but WW prefers that you lose slowly.  I promised her 4 weeks and I will stick to that and see how it goes.  I weighed 336.2 (4 lbs, exactly, higher than my scale, but then...I had clothes and shoes on at the meeting!!), that same morning at home, my weight was 332.2.  For some weird reason, you can't weigh in the nude, go figure!  This morning on my scale, I weighed 330.8. That's 1 1/2 lbs.  We'll see tomorrow afternoon.

My 30th class reunion is in June '12 and I would like to go.  I've not been to the others because I was ashamed of my weight.  I would like to get back to what I weighed when I got married and that was about 240, size 22. I don't know if I can lose it that fast on WW.  I know I can on 1200 calories or low carb, BUT can I stick with those for the long haul is the sticking point.  The way I am eating now, I can do for the long haul.  I am still watching my carbs, though.  Still not eating much bread, sugar or pasta.  I am putting sugar in my coffee, though. and counting the 1 point for 1 tbs.

I really need to start going to the gym again.  The weather change here is killing my sinuses and that is just the excuse I need to be lazy and not do anything.

Jacqui gave me an award and that is great!  I love it!  Thanks, Jacqui!!

I will post 5 people I read and who deserve it later.  I should be able to get to it tonight.

Later, y'all!


  1. WW is an excellent program, you just have to be patient. I do know some people on WW weren't losing well on the Points plus system so they started counting their fruits and veggies and are having much better results. I think low carb is a very healthy way to eat, I just really have a hard time sticking with it. Keep going!

  2. You're a little late, but you're welcome to join. What I would say do though (as the linky is already closed for this week) is to do your goal start post and your first weigh in together, then you can link up for the week 1 check in. Details on the challenge and goal post are here:

  3. I have a friend who does WW, and she has a lot of luck with it.