Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 5...

Breakfast was scrambled eggs and bacon, 3 carbs, lunch was 2 grilled pork chops and green beans, 4 carbs, and dinner was spaghetti sauce with zucchini noodle and parm cheese on top.  Very good, but remind me to read the label BEFORE I eat it.  1/2 cup of Hunt's Zesty & Spicy Sauce is 11 carbs, dang! that's more than half a day's worth!!!

I ended the day with 25 carbs, that's 5 over but not that bad.

I need to run this recipe Picadillo through Sparkpeople to get a carb count on it.  It is something I have made before and it's really good.  I leave the green olives and wine out because of my husband.  He only likes black olives and I only like green ones.  Talk about opposites!!

About to watch The Black Swan with the family, gotta run!!


  1. I watched that movie and was surprised. I am a Star Wars fan and Natalie Portman is really a great actress beyond the SW saga... I need to backtrack on your posts...been away for a started induction..huh? I really liked it and will be starting on Monday as well.

  2. Try making your own sauce, it's got to be much better! Just make a lot and freeze it in portions. Stick with it!

  3. You've just described one of my fave eating days--only I add more veggie andm ore fruit, cause, well, I ain't inductig. ; ) BUT YUM.

    And I always asked mom to add more green olives to my picadillo. I adore green olives in picadillo. I could just use a whole big, jar!

    Good holiday weekend to ya and yours!