Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 3...

I had a protein shake for breakfast, 4 carbs, stuffed chicken breast for lunch, 1 carb, and coffee, 3 carbs.  So I have in 8 carbs for the day and 12 left.

Last nights dinner of a bacon cheeseburger on an oopsie roll was divine!!  It was just a tad eggy, but I will put in more dry mustard in the yolk next time.  I just wasn't sure how much flavor it would add, also, I put in some parm cheese, I may put more of this as well, next time.

Thank you Caron and Debbie for the encouraging words.  They help.

My friend, Tammy, has met her goal weight and has changed it down some because she feels so much better and it will give her some wiggle room.  She looks great and I am so proud of her!!

I am going to add a new ticker for this phase so that I can track what I lose on lo carb.  I will keep  the other to show my progress from the very beginning.

I had said that I was going to wait until Monday to weigh, but I couldn't stand it, I have lost 5 pounds in 2 days, now I know that this is probably water weight because I had eaten Mexican twice over the weekend and my ankles were HUGE!!!  But we will see on Monday what the true results are.

I may make grilled chicken breasts for dinner with a salad or green beans.  I love the skinny green beans that come in the bag frozen.  I put them in my Pampered Chef rice cooker and add a little butter, fresh ground black pepper and ham seasoning and nuke it for 5-6 min.  They come out still a little crunchy and oh so good!!

Later, gator!

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