Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This weekend...

will be really busy. Praise and worship practice tomorrow night. A conference at church this week which is schedule for Friday night, Saturday morning and afternoon, Sunday morning and night. I also have a surprise birthday party Saturday night and a house warming Sunday afternoon. By the time Monday comes around, I'll need a vacation.

I want to start Izzy's dress but I know I would stay up way too late doing it and I am going to be busy every night until Monday. I love when Dr Leon comes to our church and does a conference but I am absolutely worn out by the time he leaves!!

Later, gator!


  1. I used to sew for my little girls. My oldest turned 31 today. Doesn't seem possible. Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Just be sure to find a tiny bit of quiet time just for you, that way the weekend won't over to you. Take care and have a great rest of this week. Blessings my friend!!

  3. Looks like a VERY busy weekend. Make sure you dont burn yourself out! Good luck :)

  4. Summer weekends always seem to be busy, don't they? Stay healthy and have fun!

  5. Hey, you may get me inspired to start sewing and not just talk about sewing! (I could at least make doll clothes with my daughter.)

    I really enjoy your blog--have a great weekend!
    PS I particularly like the green Pampered Chef bread knife!

  6. Girl, how you doing? Been a few days. I hope you'll be doing your StS Challenge Monday update with linky. You will, right? :)

    Hope your dreams are sweet and your weigh-in sweeter...