Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am so mad at myself!!! I weighed this morning and I have gone back up to 356.3!!! I ate way too much this weekend and my husband and I went out and ate chinese last night.

I started the gastric bypass surgery diet today, that way I can get some of this weight off quickly and it is supposed to flush your system so that you lose stored left overs!!! You know, that gross stuff that just stays in your colon forever.

I bought a colon cleanse kit a couple of months ago for about $40 and now I can't find it. My home is very messy and disorganized. And when my children pick up groceries, they never put things in any logical place. I have found medicines in the spice cabinet, toothpaste in the silverware drawer, eggs on top of the refrigerator... Now that I have more energy, I am trying to change that. I have clothes all over our bedroom and I have started washing and putting them away so that I can get our bedroom cleaned.

I hate this time change!!! The spring change is the worst for me. I find it so hard to go to bed and to get up in the morning. I have missed the gym for the last 2 days because I am too tired in the mornings now. That has got to change!!! I feel so much better when I work out in the morning before I go to work. I will need to go tonight after work so that I don't miss two days in a row.


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